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The educational programming at the GreenHouse is specifically designed to promote ecological literacy, instill a strong sense of place, and foster a holistic appreciation for human and natural environments. We seek to provide students from any academic discipline with opportunities to live in an ecologically-minded community with an active and supportive learning atmosphere.

Programs at the GreenHouse are designed to complement, rather than compete with, students' major coursework. We offer hands-on activities that provide the opportunity to learn skills and gain knowledge not typically available in their classes. In addition, activities often take place on weekends or in the evenings so that time conflict with other academic work is minimized.

The GreenHouse program is designed to meet the following learning objectives:

  • Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to explore key ecological principles and their importance in understanding the relationship between humans and their environment

  • Providing a framework for developing one's sense of place, both here in Vermont and in life after graduation

  • Promoting opportunities for environmental stewardship by applying local solutions to environmental problems

  • Emphasizing ecological design methods while addressing environmental issues

  • Developing environmental leadership skills and ways of becoming an effective advocate

  • Cultivating an understanding of our individual and collective impacts on our environment

  • Encouraging reflection on how one's academic discipline can inform an understanding of ecosystem function and contribute to environmental problem solving

The GreenHouse program engages students in a highly participatory, hands-on approach to learning and its learning objectives are achieved through a variety of ways:

  • Self-paced courses

  • Hands-on workshops

  • Discussions and lectures

  • Field trips

  • Service projects

  • GreenHouse guilds

  • Community celebrations

Beginning in Fall 2017, GreenHouse enrollment will be limited to returning students, while a new related learning community, Sustainability House, will be available for first-time first-year students. Sustainability House will be located primarily in Harris Hall.

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