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GreenHouse Courses: Ecological Citizenship – NR 16

Upon completion of Ecology of Place, members of the GreenHouse community are encouraged to seek further depth and breadth in their environmental interests by participating in Ecological Citizenship. This one-credit course, required for all returning residents, provides members with the opportunity to pursue individual interests, team projects, and community service opportunities with support and mentorship from the GreenHouse staff.

The pursuit of informed, thoughtful, and ecologically sound environmental action is the foundation of the GreenHouse experience. Designing and building a chair derived from a well managed Vermont woodlot, leading efforts to install solar panels on University residence halls, mentoring a first year student on the fundamentals of landscape assessment in the Winooski River watershed, or guiding a class of local school children in the establishment of a local recycling program are all examples of the range of projects and initiatives that may be undertaken as a participant in Ecological Citizenship. The GreenHouse staff is open to all creative ideas that foster enhanced knowledge and leadership.

Under the umbrella of the Ecological Citizenship class, students will have the opportunity to concentrate their learning within a seminar of their choice. Seminars will use systems thinking to explore topics and build skills related to sustainability. Past seminar offerings have focused on the topics of ecological design, food systems and Education for Sustainability. Each Seminar will have scheduled class times, learning activities and events throughout the semester and will culminate with a presentation to the greater GreenHouse Community that showcases their learning experiences and activities. As an alternative to seminar offerings, individual and group projects may be proposed through a Learning Proposal that focuses on the member’s specific interest through a series of experiential opportunities that seek to increase depth and breadth of knowledge, and create meaningful community involvement. These goals can be reached by active involvement in one of the GreenHouse Guilds, by a partnership with other GreenHouse members, or by an individual project that enhances a member’s specific interests.

Students will submit reflective journal entries via Blackboard and write a final reflective paper. Additional assignments/projects determined by the individual seminar mentors may complement these core assignments. Students will be evaluated on the strength of their written reflections, the quality of products produced and overall participation.

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