Nicolas Perdrial

Nico Perdrial Research Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D. Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France, 2007
  • CV
Area of expertise

Mineralogy, Contaminant Transport, Environmental Geology, Nanoparticles, Mineral-Bacteria Interactions, Archaeogeology.

Contact Information
Email: Nicolas Perdrial

Office Hours: MWF 9:30-10:30
Delehanty Hall, Room 327

Website: Nico's website

Teaching and Research

As a low-temperature geochemist and environmental mineralogist I apply high-precision aqueous geochemical techniques and state-of-the-art spectroscopic techniques to understand molecular-scale geochemical processes in bio/geo media. Molecular-scale processes are best investigated using the interactions of X-Ray and electrons with matter which makes Synchrotron X-Ray spectroscopy (XRD, XRF, XAS) and electron microscopy the primary tools of my research.
My current research focuses on elucidating the fate and mobility of radionuclides (U, Sr, Cs and I) in nuclear waste impacted environments. Using analog sediments as a proxy for field conditions I simulate the reactions occurring when complex sediments are contacted by hyper-alkaline and hyper-acidic high level radioactive wastes. Elucidation of molecular scale processes occurring during reaction, coupled with continuum scale investigation of contaminant stability allows to constrain the development of mechanistic, reactive transport models used to predict long-term contaminant fate.
I am also a collaborator on various projects that aim to investigate geochemical responses to environmental disturbances.

In Spring 2014, I will teach Environmental Geology GEOL 055.

Selected Publications

Perdrial J.N., Perdrial N., Harpold A., Gao X., Gabor R., LaSharr K.. and Chorover J. (2012) – Impact of sampling dissolved organic matter with passive capillary wicks versus aqueous soil extraction. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 76, 2019-2030.

Perdrial N., Rivera N., Thompson A., O’Day P.A. and Chorover J. (2011) – Trace contaminant concentration affects mineral transformation and pollutant fate in hydroxide-weathered Hanford sediments. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 197, 119-127.

Rivera N., Choi S., Strepka C., Mueller K., Perdrial N., Chorover J. And O’Day P.A. (2011) – Cesium and strontium incorporation into zeolite-type phases during homogeneous nucleation from caustic solutions. American Mineralogist, 96, 1809-1820

Perdrial N., Perdrial J.N., Delphin J.-E., Elsass F., Liewig N. (2010) – Temporal and spatial monitoring of mobile nanoparticles in a vineyard soil: evidence of nanoaggregate formation. European Journal of Soil Science, 61, 456-468.

Thompson A., Steefel C.I., Perdrial N. and Chorover J. (2010) – Contaminant desorption during long-term leaching of hydroxide-weathered sediments. Environmental Science and Technology, 44, 1992-1997.

Perdrial N., Liewig N., Delphin J.-E. and Elsass F. (2008) – TEM evidence for intracellular accumulation of lead by bacteria in subsurface environments. Chemical Geology, 253, 196-204 .


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