Charlotte (Char) Mehrtens

Charlotte Mehrtens

Charlotte Mehrtens Professor of Geology

  • Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1979
Area of expertise

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology

Contact Information
Email: Charlotte
Phone: (802) 656-0243

Office Hours: Thursdays 11:30-2:00 or by appointment
Delehanty Hall, Room 207

Website: Char's website

Teaching and Research

As a member of the UVM faculty for 28 years, I conduct research and teach classes in the areas of stratigraphy and sedimentology. My great interest is in the evolution of the Northern Appalachians, particularly how the rocks of this region record the history of ocean basin opening, closing, and the formation of mountains.

My classes range from the introductory level, "Introduction to Earth System Science" for geology majors and non-scientists alike, as well as the core course for Geology majors and minors, "Earth, Environments and Life Through Time." I also teach "Stratigraphy and Sedimentation" for advanced undergraduates and also frequently co-teach the regional geology summer field class.

I find great satisfaction in working with colleagues in Maine on rocks that record the collision of a volcanic arc with North America more than 350 million years ago, as well as with colleague Keith Klepeis on his research on the origin of the Andes Mountains in Southern Chile. Another passion is facilitating workshops for National Science Foundation-sponsored programs to improve undergraduate geoscience education. In 1993 I was so proud to receive the George V. Kidder award, the university's highest award for excellence in teaching.

Recent Publications

Tewksbury, Barbara J., Hogan, John P., Kemp, Stephen Michaels, Keren, Tucker T., Tewksbury-Christle, Carolyn M., Schultz, Richard A., and Mehrtens, Charlotte, 2010, Deformation bands and the expression in siliciclastic cover rocks of slip on basement faults in southern Egypt: Geological Society of America, abstracts with programs, v. 41, no. 7.

Barbara J. Tewksbury,John P. Hogan,Tucker T. Keren,Carolyn M. Tewksbury-Christle, Charlotte J. Mehrtens, 2012, Deformation Bands and the Expression in Siliciclastic Cover Rocks of Slip on Long-Lived Basement Faults in Southern Egypt, Geological Society America, abstracts with programs, vol. 43, no. 7

Selected Publications

Mehrtens, C. and R. Cuffey, 2003, Paleoecology of the Day Point Formation (Lower Chazy Group, Middle-Upper Ordovician) and its Bryozoan Reef Mounds, Northwest Vermont and Adjacent New York, Northeastern Geology, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 313-329.

Mehrtens, C., B. Rosenheim, M. Modley, R. Young, 2001, Reef Morphology and Sediment Attributes, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Carbonates and Evaporites, vol. 16, no.2, pp. 131-140.

Cherichetti, L, B. Doolan and C. Mehrtens, 1998, The Pinnacle Formation: A Late Precambrian Rift Valley Fill with Implications for Iapetus Basin Evolution, Northeastern Geology, vol. 20, no. 3, pp.175-185.


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