John M. Hughes

John Hughes

John M. Hughes


Area of expertise

Mineralogy, Crystal Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography

Contact Information
Email: JMHughes@UVM.EDU
Office Hours: MWF 11:00-1:00 and by appointment
Delehanty Hall, Room 321

Teaching and Research

My research involves unraveling the nature of matter on Earth. Atoms form all Earth materials, and through X-ray crystallography. I work to determine the arrangement of atoms in crystalline Earth materials called minerals.

I have determined and studied the atomic arrangements of numerous minerals on the Earth and even one lunar mineral (merrilite from the Apollo 14 mission). My research, which involves students in a large way, centers on the minerals apatite and tourmaline. Apatite is being investigated as a solid-state nuclear waste repository, providing a way to safely sequester radioactive waste. It also is the mineral that forms all the hard parts of the human body except small parts of the inner ear, and thus apatite studies have biological implications as well.

I am interested in studies on any mineral, and would be pleased to be consulted by any students with mineralogical questions.

Recent Publication

Hughes, J.M., Nekvasil, H., Ustunisik, G., Lindsley, D.H., and Woerner, W.R. (2012) Solid solution in the fluor-chlor apatite anion column. 2012 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC, November, 2012.

Selected Publications

Kohn, M., J.F. Rakovan and J.M. Hughes, Eds. (2002) Phosphates: Geochemical, Geobiological and Materials Importance. Reviews in Mineralogy Series, Volume 48. Mineralogical Society of America, Washington, DC, 742 + xvi pp.

Hughes, J.M., Jolliff, B.L., and Gunter, M.E. (2006) The atomic arrangement of merrillite from the Fra Mauro Formation, Apollo 14 lunar mission: The first structure of merrillite from the Moon. American Mineralogist, 91, 1547-1595.

Hughes, J.M., Jolliff, B.L., and Rakovan, J. (2008) The crystal chemistry of whitlockite and merrillite and the dehydrogenation of whitlockite to merrillite. American Mineralogist, 93, 1300-1305.

Hughes, J.M., Wise, W.S., Gunter, M.E., Morton, J.P., and Rakovan, J. (2008) Lasalite, Na2Mg2(V10O28) . 20H2O, a new decavanadate mineral from the Vanadium Queen Mine, la sal District, Utah: mineral description, atomic arrangement, and relationship to the pascoite group of minerals. Canadian Mineralogist, 46, 1623-1630.

Luo*, Y., Hughes, J.M., Rakovan, J., and Pan, Y. (2009) Site preference of U and Th in Cl, F, Sr apatites. American Mineralogist, 94, 345-351.

Ertl, A., Dyar, M.D., Hughes, J.M., Brandstatter, F., Gunter, M.E., and Prem, M. (2008) Pertlikite, a new tetragonal Mg-rich member of the voltaite group from Madeni Zakh, Iran. Canadian Mineralogist, 46, 661-669.

Ertl, A., Rossman, G.R., Hughes, J.M., Brandstätter, F. (2008) V3+-bearing, Mg-rich strongly disordered olenite from a graphite deposit near Amstall, Lower Austria: A structural, chemical and spectroscopic investigation. Neues Jahrbuch Mineralogie, 184, no. 3, 243-253.

Ertl, A., Hughes, J.M., Prowatke, S., Ludwig, T., Brandstatter, F., Korner, W., and Dyar, M.D. (2007) Tetrahedrally-coordinated boron in Li-bearing olenite from “mushroom” tourmaline from Momeik, Myanmar: Structure and Chemistry. Canadian Mineralogist, 45, 891-899.

Jolliff, B.L., Hughes, J.M., Freeman, J.J., and Zeigler, R.A. (2006) Crystal chemistry of lunar merrillite and comparison to other meteoritic and planetary suites of whitlockite and merrillite. American Mineralogist, 91, 1583-1595.

Ertl, A., Hughes, J.M., Prowatke, S., Ludwig, T., Prasad, P.S.R., Brandstatter, F., Korner, W., Schuster, R., Pertlik, F., and Marschall, H. (2006) Tetrahedrally-coordinated boron in tourmalines from the liddicoatite-elbaite series from Madagascar: Structure, chemistry, and infrared spectroscopic studies. American Mineralogist, 91, 1847-1856.


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