Kasey Kathan

Kasey Kathan Lecturer

  • PhD (in progress) Geography, Queen’s University
Contact Information
Email: Kasey Kathan

Office Hours: by appointment, Delehanty Hall, Room 213C

Teaching and Research

My research interests are broadly concerned with understanding the linkages between climate, hydrology, geomorphology and sedimentology and using this understanding to reconstruct the paleoclimate of the Arctic. This sensitive environment is known to be changing rapidly in response to climate variability, yet we still need to determine the range in sensitivity on the landscape. My work specifically uses lake and marine sediment cores to perform high resolution geochemistry and sedimentology interpretation to evaluate variability within these systems over the recent past and to provide a context for understanding how they may respond to climate change in the future.

For the 2012-2013 academic year, I am teaching Environmental Geology and Introductory Geology.


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