Current Group Members
Principal Investigator
Frederic Sansoz

Associate Professor of
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Students & Researchers
Qiongjiali (LiLy) Fang
MS/PhD student, Mechanical Engineering

B.S. Materials Science & Engineering, Central South University, China

Mechanisms of Strengthening and Softening in Nanotwinned Metals

Xing Ke
Ph.D. student, Materials Science

MS Materials Physics & Chemistry (2014), Dalian Univ. of Tech., China.
B.S. Materials Physics (2010), Wuhan Institute of Technology, China.

Plasticity and Heat Conduction in Nanotwinned Alloys

Cory Arcovitch
Honors student, Mechanical Engineering
MS student, Mechanical Engineering

B.S. candidate in Mechanical Engineering, University of Vermont.
: 2014 undergraduate research summer award

Research: Stretchable InSb Nanowire Composites for Wearable Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

Rodrigo Penide Fernandez
International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) - Senior Thesis

Universidad de Vigo, Spain
Escola de Enxenaria Industrial

Thesis Title :
Heat Transfer Modeling in 3D Woven SiC Fabrics for Flexible Thermal Protection Systems
Former Group Members

Dr. Erin Wood
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (2014)

MS Industrial Chemistry (2009), University of Central Florida, FL.
B.S. Chemistry (2005), Chatham University, PA.

Thesis Title : An Atomic Force Microscopy Nanoindentation Study of Size Effects In Face-Centered Cubic Metal And Bimetallic Nanowires

Last sighted as:
National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Institute for Standards and Technology, Gaithersburgh, MD
Daniel Merkel
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2014)

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (2012), University of Vermont.

Thesis title :
Fabrication and Testing of Flexible Indium Antimonide Nanowire Networks

Last sighted as:
PhD student in mechanical engineering, Univ. of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

Sam Kessler
Honors thesis, Mechanical Engineering (2014)

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (2014), University of Vermont.

Thesis title:
Effect of Hexagonality Percent on Thermal Conductivty in Silicon Structures

Last sighted as:

Aaron Porter
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2013)

B.S. Physics (2009), Clarkson University, NY

Thesis title:
Atomistic Simulation Study of Thermal Transport in Nanotwinned Silicon Materials

Last sighted as:
-Engineer at Global Foundries, Malta, NY

Chan Tran
NSF-REU undergraduate research assistant (2013)

B.S. Physics and Computer Science (senior year), Siena College, NY

First-principles Calculations of Phonon Dispersion in Silicon Polytypes

Last sighted as:
Undergraduate student at Siena College

Dr. Jingjun (Jessie) Gu
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (2013)

MS Materials Science (2007), Dong Hua University, Shanghai, China
B.S. Polymer Materials & Engineering (2004), Dong Hua University, Shanghai, China

Thesis title:

Roles of Surface and Internal Structures in the Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nanofibers

Last sighted as:

Shiqi Zhang
Graduate teaching assistant, Mechanical Engineering (2012-2013)

MS Mechanical Engineering (2012), University of Wyoming, WY.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering(2008), Beijing Jiotong University, Beijing, China.

Last sighted as:
Graduate student in civil engineering and engineering mechanics at the University of Arizona
with Prof. Katerina Aifantis

Khrystyna Dilai
NSF-REU undergraduate research assistant (2012)

B.S. Chemical Engineering (sophomore year), Clarkson University, NY

Atomistic Simulation Study of Growth of Ultrathin Metallic Nanowires

Last sighted as:
REU Student at Louisiana Tech
Undergraduate student at Clarkson University

Jake Brutman
Undergraduate research assistant, Chemistry Senior (2011)

Synthesis of ultrathin gold nanowires

Last sighted as:
Graduate student in chemistry at the University of Florida

Evan Malina
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2011)

Awards: URECA! award 2009; UVM Engineer of the Year 2010.

Mechanical Behavior of Atomically Thin Graphene Sheets using Atomic Force Microscopy Nanoindentation

Last sighted as:
Structure Engineer for Boeing, Seattle, WA

Trevor Avant
Undergraduate research assistant - Honors College (2010-11)

Awards: URECA! award 2010


Atomistic Simulation Study of Indentation of Metallic Nanowires

Last sighted as:
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Washington, WA
-Engineer at Microstrain, Williston, VT
Engineering summer intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

Prof. Chuang Deng
Ph.D. Materials Science (2009)

Thesis title:
Yielding and plasticity of FCC metal nanowires studied by atomistic simulations.

Last sighted as:
-Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
-Postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Christopher Schuh in the Materials Science & Engineering Department at MIT, Boston, MA

Dr. Vincent Peron-Luhrs
Visiting graduate student from University of Liege, Belgium (Sept. 2009)

Multiscale modeling of plasticity of nanocrystalline metals.

Last sighted as:
Graduate Student at University of Liege, Liege, Belgium

Prof. Virginie Rollin (formerly Dupont)
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (2008)

Thesis title :
Multiscale Modeling of Contact Plasticity and Nanoindentation in Nanostructured FCC Metals.

Last sighted as:
-Assistant professor of Aerospace Engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL.
-Postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Tim Germann at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

Zach Burchman
Research assistant Honors College (2008)

Research: Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Nickel Nanowires

Last sighted as:
Graduate Student in Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, PA
Engineer for Goodrich, Vergennes, VT

Travis Gang
Research assistant URECA award / HELIX EPSCoR Summer Intern (2007)

Determination of atomic force microscope cantilever spring constants via finite element modeling for nanomechanical analysis; Effects of Surface Morphology on Elastic and Plastic Properties in Nanostructured Ni Thin Films.

Last sighted as:
Graduate student in mechanical engineering at Stanford University, CA
Engineer for Northrop Grumman, Norwalk, CT

Konstantin Afanasyev
M.S. Physics (2007)

Thesis title:
Molecular dynamics simulation of twin boundary effects on deformation in gold nanopillars and nanobeams.

Last sighted as:
Engineer and Marketing Rep. for GE Healthcare, South Burlington, VT

Carl Wolf
(Part-time) Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering (2005-2007)

Multiscale modeling of thermal transport in molecular systems

Last sighted as:

Assistant Professor, Vermont Technical College, Randolph, VT

Prof. Fahmi Bedoui
Postdoctoral Fellow (July 06-Dec 06)
(in collaboration with Prof. S. Murthy, Physics Dept.

Quantitative AFM nanoindentation of semi-crystalline polymers.

Last sighted as:
Assistant professor at the Compiegne Institute of Technology (UTC), France

Dulcie Languerand
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2007)

Research (in collaboration with Prof S. Murthy, Rutgers Univ.):
Multiscale Investigation of Deformation of High-Strength Polymeric Fibers.

Last sighted as:
Materials engineer at Diffraction Limited, Wakefield, VT

Kevin D. Stevenson
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2006)

Research: Electrochemical Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Ni Nanostructures.

Last sighted as:
Structural engineer at Concept2, Morrisville, VT
Structural engineer at Bath Iron Works, Bath, ME

Eric Buchovecky
Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellow (2004)

Quasicontinuum simulation of single crystal indentation.

Last sighted as:
Ph.D. student at Brown University, RI

Grant Gary
Undergraduate research assistant URECA! (2005)

Template-Assisted Synthesis of Metallic Nanowires.

Last sighted as:

Ph.D. student at Stanford University, CA

John B. Marking
Undergraduate research assistant (summer 2004)

Fabrication of ultra-sharp STM tips

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