What's new in the Lab!


  • Welcome to New group members: Cory Arcovitch, Rodrigo Penide Fernandez and Xing Ke. Welcome!

June-December 2013

  • 10/15/13 - Welcome to a new group member, Sam Kessler. He will conduct his honors thesis research in modeling of heat conduction in twinning heterostructures. Welcome Sam!

  • 09/01/13 - Welcome to two new group members,Quionjiali "Lily" Fang and Ryan Mickelson. They will conduct their Masters thesis research in multiscale modeling of nanowire deformation using atomistic simulation and finite element analysis. Welcome Lily and Ryan!

  • June 2013 - Group Picnic at Shelburne Beach, Vermont

March-May 2013

  • 05/19/13 - Publication of "Defective Twin Boundaries in Nanotwinned Metals " in Nature Materials.

  • 04/23/13 - Publication of "Near Ideal Theoretical Strength in Gold Nanowires with Angstrom Scale Twins" in Nature Communications.

  • 03/27/13 - Jessie Gu has successfully defended her doctoral thesis in mechanical engineering on the "Roles of surface and internal structrures in the mechanical behavior of carbon nanofibers". Congratulations, Dr. Gu!

Jessie Gu and husband Jianjiang Zhu at the 2013 UVM graduation ceremony

July 2012

  • 07/01/12 - Congratulations to former PhD student, Virginie Dupont, who is moving in August 2012 to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida as an assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering! Virginie will contribute in developing the brand-new PhD program in aerospace engineering at ER. We are all very proud of her for this accomplishment.

Jan-June 2012

  • 06/10/12 - Welcome to new group member, Khrystyna Dilai who is a Clarkson University engineering student in our new NSF's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program on complex materials. She will conduct a 10-week research project focusing on modeling the growth of gold nanowires by atomistic simulation to help understand how twin boundaries and surface facets are formed at the atomic scale. Welcome Khrystyna!

  • 05/01/12 - Welcome to two new group members, Daniel Merkel and Aaron Porter. They will conduct fundamental research in the area of thermoelectric nanowires. Dan will be our experimentalist and Aaron our theoretician and atomistic modeler in this project. Welcome Dan and Aaron!

  • 04/20/12 - We are happy to have the visit of Prof. Sang-Kown Lee from Chungbuk National University in South Korea, and on sabbatical leave at Yale University in the US. Prof. Lee gave a very interesting SoE seminar on the Role of Silicon Nanowires in Thermoelectrics and Bioengineering Applications . Thank you, Sang-Kown!

  • 04/13/12 - We were very honored and privileged to have the visit of Prof. Daniel Gianola from the University of Pennsylvania. Prof. Gianola gave an outstanding SoE seminar on the Deformation at the Nanoscale: Pushing the Limits of Strength. Thank you, Dan!

August-Sept. 2011

  • 09/01/11 - Fred Sansoz has been appointed Graduate Program Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering at UVM.

  • 08/30/11 - Congratulations to former PhD student, Chuang Deng, who has just accepted an offer as full-time faculty (Assistant professor) in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering of the University of Manitoba in Canada!

March-May 2011

  • 04/26/11 - Congratulations to Trevor for successfully defending his Honors thesis on the "Atomistic Simulation Study of Indentation in Metallic Nanowires".

  • 04/21/11 - Fred gave an invited seminar at the University of Paris - Marne La Vallee on "Nanoscale Crystal Plasticity from Atomistic Simulations". Thank you to Prof. Julien Yvonnet for hosting me for this seminar.

  • 03/18/11 - Congratulations to Evan for successfully defending his Master of Science degree on the "Mechanical Behavior of Atomically-thin Graphene Sheets using Atomic Force Microscopy Nanoindentation".

January-February 2011

  • 01/26/11 - We received a grant from NSF to create a new Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site at the University of Vermont on Complex Materials. This project will start in Summer 2011. Our part will be to study the mechanical properties of nanoscale crystals with complex dislocation microstructures using atomistic simulation.

  • 01/01/11 - More than 10,000 hits for this website since April 2005. Happy New Year 2011!

July-December 2010

  • 09/01/10 - Fred is invited as a visiting professor at the University of Bordeaux in France.

  • 07/30/10 - Fred is in France for a one-year sabbatical leave.

  • 07/28/10 - Chuang Deng is the winner of the 2009 Acta Student Award. Congratulations to Chuang!

Feb 2010 - June 2010

  • 04/28/10 - Fred is promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure!

  • 03/25/10 - Congratulations to Trevor for being the recipient of the 2010 undergraduate research endeavor competitive award (URECA) at UVM!

  • 03/05/10 - We are very happy to have the visit of Prof. Harold Park from Boston University. Prof. Park will give a SoE seminar on the Mechanics of Crystalline Nanostructures.

  • 02/14/10 - Evan was named 2010 Student Engineer of the Year. Congratulations, Evan! Evan was recognized by Governor James Douglas and Lt. Governor Brian Dubie during the 2010 UVM Engineers Week ceremony held Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at the State House.

Sept 2009 - Dec 2009

  • 12/01/09 - Congratulations, Dr. Chuang Deng! Chuang has successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the yielding and plasticity of twinned nanowires in face-centered cubic metals studied by atomistic simulations. He is now a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Schuh's group at MIT in Boston. Below is Chuang's graduation ceremony with Vermont Governor Jim Douglas and UVM President Daniel Fogel.

  • 10/01/09 - Welcome to new group member, Trevor Avant. Trevor is an Honors student in mechanical engineering. He will conduct fundamental research in the molecular dynamics simulation of nanoindentation in metallic nanowires . Welcome Trevor!

  • 09/01/09 - Welcome to new group member, Erin Wood. Erin is a new PhD candidate in mechanical engineering. She will conduct fundamental research in the synthesis and nanomechanics of self-assembled metallic nanomaterials. Welcome Erin!

May 2009

  • 05/18/09 - Fred was awarded this year's CEMS Milt Silveira Junior Faculty Award for "outstanding scholarly achievement and a pioneering spirit".

  • 05/17/09- Congratulations, Dr. Virginie Dupont!

  • 05/15/09- Welcome to new group member, Evan Malina. Evan is this year's recipient of a URECA! award and will conduct his research in the group in the field of Nanomechanics. Welcome Evan!

November 2008

  • 11/14/08 - Fred was invited by the Materials Science & Engineering graduate program of Texas A&M University to give a seminar on "Nanoscale Plasticity from Atomistic Simulations".

September 2008

  • 09/05/08 - Virginie Dupont is the first graduate student in the group to earn a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Virginie's doctoral thesis is entitled "Multiscale modeling of contact plasticity and nanoindentation in nanostructured FCC metals ". Congratulations, Dr. Dupont!

  • 09/01/08 - A review paper by Fred Sansoz and colleagues, Hanchen Huang of RPI and Derek Warner of Cornell, is published in the September issue of JOM. The title is "An atomistic perspective on twinning phenomena in nano-enhanced FCC metals" .

May 2008

  • 05/07/08 - Zack Burchman, undergraduate student of mechanical engineering, has successfully defended his honors thesis on his research entitled "Growth, structure and mechanical properties of single-crystal and polycrystalline nickel nanowires". Congratulations, Zack!

April 2008

  • 04/23/08 - Another article in The View about the special episode on nanotechnology to be aired in Vermont Public Television's "Emerging Science" TV series on April 30, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. This episode features the Sansoz group's research on metallic nanowires.

  • 04/16/08 - An article in The View featuring the research of senior undergraduate student Zack Burchman on the mechanical properties on electrodeposited Ni nanowires.

February 2008

January 2008

  • 01/07/2008 - Welcome to new group member, Jessie Gu! Jessie will conduct her doctoral studies in the group in the field of "Nanomechanics of nanocomposite materials for thermal protection systems ".

November 2007

July 2007

  • 07/01/07 - A new paper published in Nano Letters this month entitled Strengthening of Gold Nanopillars with Nanoscale Twins by K.A. Afanasyev and F. Sansoz.

June 2007

  • 06/01/2007 - Welcome to new group member, Chuang Deng who will start doctoral studies on "Atomistic Simulation of Microstructure and Sample Size Effects on Metal Plasticity at Limited Length Scale" .

April 2007

  • 04/03/2007 - Konstantin Afanasyev successfully defended his M.S. thesis on "Atomistic Simulation of The Effects of Twin Boundaries on Deformation in Gold Nanobeams and Nanopiilars". Congratulations, Konstantin!

  • 04/02/2007 - Dulcie Languerand successfully defended her M.S. thesis on "Multiscale Study of Deformation and Fracture in High-Strength Polymeric Fibers". Congratulations, Dulcie!

Jan. - Feb. 2007

  • 02/26/2007 - Virginie and Frederic attend the 2007 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibitions in Orlando, FL.
  • 01/19/2007 - Welcome to new group member, Travis Gang as undergraduate research assistant

Nov. - Dec .2006

  • 11/26/2006
    Konstantin and Frederic attend the 2006 Fall meeting of the Materials Research Society (MRS) in Boston, MA. Congratulations to Konstantin who received a nomination for Best Poster Award for his poster entitled "Atomic Mechanisms of Plasticity in Twin-dominated Metal Nanopillars ".

September 2006

  • 09/11/06 - A paper to appear in Applied Physics Letters this month entitled Grain Growth Behavior at Absolute Zero During Nanocrystalline Metal Indentation by F. Sansoz and V. Dupont.
  • 09/06/06 - A new course on Multiscale Modeling will be taught this spring by Prof. Sansoz.

  • 09/05/06 - Prof. Ursula Gibson from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College has accepted our invitation to give a seminar on Nanomagnetics. The seminar is scheduled for Nov. 10, 2006.

June - May, 2006

  • 05/15/06 - Konstantin Afanasyev, graduate teaching fellow for the Physics Department, will conduct his research in our group. The research topics is on the atomistic simulation of deformation of metal nanopillars containing twin interfaces. Welcome, Konstantin!

  • 06/02/06 - Fred gives an oral presentation in Symposium A (current trends in nanoscience - From materials to applications) at the E-MRS conference, Nice, France.

  • 05/16/06 - Fred is invited by the Center for Nanomaterials at Dartmouth College, NH to give a seminar on "Nanocrystalline Metal Indentation".

  • 05/10/06 - Poster presentation entitled "Nanocrystalline Metal Indentation: Direct Insight from Atomic Contact Simulation" at the 2006 Nanotech conference in Boston, MA.

April, 2006

  • 04/06/06 - Congratulations to Kevin Stevenson who successfully defended his Master's thesis on the electrochemical synthesis and mechanical properties of Ni nanostructures.

March, 2006

  • 03/12/06 - 03/16/06 - Several members of the group are presenting their work at the TMS 2006 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX. Congratulations to Kevin for his very first talk in a national conference in the symposium "Surface and Interface in Nanostructured Materials ". Virginie presented a poster at the Student Poster Contest and gave an oral presentation in the symposium "Deformation and Fracture from the Nano to Macro - A symposium celebrating the 70th Birthday of W. Gerberich". Frederic gave a talk in the symposium dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Blackburn " Titanium Alloys for High Temperature Applications ".
    Virginie, Kevin, Frederic and The Alamo at the TMS 2006 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX

January-February, 2006

  • 01/27/06 - Prof. Nancy Burnham from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) visited our laboratory and was invited for a seminar entitled "Puzzles of Atomic Contact".
  • 01/20/06 - We are now equipped wih a liquid cell for AFM imaging in liquid on our universal scanning probe microscope.

November-December, 2005

  • 12/02/05 - We have received Madrid, our brand-new high-performance Linux-based workstation including a Dual-core Xeon processor and 8 Gb of DRAM memory. This workstation will be used for high-end 3D atomistic visualization and quasicontinuum simulations.

  • 11/28/05-12/01/05
    Carl, Virginie, Kevin and Frederic attend the 2005 Fall meeting of the Materials Research Society (MRS) in Boston, MA. Fred's presentation in Symposium Z was entitled "Grain Boundary Structure Evolution in Nanocrystalline Al by Nanoindentation Simulations". Congratulations to Virginie for her very first talk in a national conference (symposium AA) entitled "Nanoindentation of Single Crystals: Effects of Interface Friction and Adhesion Energy".

October, 2005


  • 06/27/05 - The lab is hosting students, Lucy and Ethan, and teacher, Shelley, from Mt Abraham High School in Bristol, VT for the 2005 Helix/EPSCoR High School Outreach program. Their year-long project will involve high-resolution imaging technique (AFM, SEM, Stereoscope) of nanostructured materials. Welcome to UVM!

  • 06/20/05 - The new webpage!

  • 06/17/05 - Virginie Dupont received a graduate teaching fellowship in the Department of Mechanical Engineering for FY2005-2006. Her Ph.D. research will be to investigate the underlying deformation mechanisms in nanocrystalline metals for thin films and nanowires.

April, 2005

  • 04/04/05 - Virginie Dupont, visiting engineering student from ENSMA, France, will work with us for 5 months on the plasticity of nanostructures using atomistic simulations and AFM. Welcome Virginie!

March, 2005

  • 03/30/05 -
    The "Nano Teddy Bear" by F. Sansoz, S. Fusare and W. Varhue won the second prize of the "Science as Art" competition at the Materials Research Society 2005 Spring Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Read the article published in the view here.
  • 03/30/05 - The poster entitled "The Relation between Structure and Sliding at Grain Boundaries in Nanoscale Cu and Al" by F. Sansoz and J.F. Molinari was a nominee for Best Poster Award at the Materials Research Society 2005 Spring Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

February, 2005

  • 02/14/05 - Two presentations by Frederic Sansoz at the TMS conference in San Francisco, CA on the quasicontinuum simulations of grain boundary sliding and nanoindentation.

  • 02/01/05 - Two papers to appear in Acta Materialia this month: paper #1 (with R. Ott, J.F. Molinari, J. Almer, K.T. Ramesh, and T.C. Hufnagel ): Micromechanics of Deformation of Metallic-Glass-Matrix Composites from in-situ Synchrotron Strain Measurements and Finite Element Modeling. Paper#2 (with J.F. Molinari): Mechanical Behavior of Sigma Tilt Grain Boundary in Nanoscale Cu and Al: a Quasicontinuum Study.

December, 2004

  • 12/1/04 - Grant Gary, junior ME student, has won the 2005 Undergraduate Research Endeavors Competitive Award (URECA) for his research project entitled "Nanoporous Polymeric Membranes: Molecular Templating and Testing".
    Grant's intent is to create polymer membranes, which will serve the selective transport of single molecules through nanopores.  He will conduct his research in the Materials Nanomechanics laboratory. Welcome Grant!

November, 2004

  • 11/01/04 - Carl Wolf has joined the Materials Nanomechanics Group as a Ph.D. candidate. Carl will study the selective transport and nanoscale flow of molecules through nanoporous membranes using molecular dynamics. Welcome Carl!

  • 11/01/04 - We have received a heating stage for our Quesant universal scanning probe microscope. This stage will provide us with the ability to study in-situ grain growth at high temperature of nanocrystalline materials.

October, 2004

  • 10/04/04 - Dulcie Languerand, MS candidate, will work in the Materials Nanomechanics Group on the atomic force microscopy of nanostructured Kevlar and Spectra polymer fibers. Welcome Dulcie!

  • 10/ 03/04 - Prof. Ron Miller from Carleton University, one of the developers of the Quasicontinuum Method, has been invited to visit us and give a presentation at the Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series on October 22, 2004.

September, 2004

  • 09/09/04 - Xi workstation cluster has been set up. LAMMPS 2004 is currently tested on this platform and, so far, works fine on multiple processors using MPI.

August, 2004

  • 08/16/04 - Eric Buchovecky, who served this year as a Teaching Graduate Fellow in the Mechanical Engineering department at UVM and performed his research on quasicontinuum method in our group, will move within few weeks to Providence, RI where he will be a Ph.D. candidate in the Solid Mechanics Group at Brown University. Congratulations and good luck, Eric!

  • 08/02/04 - We have received our brand-new scanning electron microscope JSM6060 from JEOL. This equipment has been installed in the microfabrication and MEMS facility (121A Votey) in the College of Engineering and Mathematics at UVM.

July, 2004

  • 07/20/04 - We have received our new scanning probe microscope from Quesant Instruments. This equipment will add to the high-resolution imaging capabilities in the laboratory involving scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy.

  • 07/01/04 - Kevin Stevenson is a new graduate student in the group. Kevin's research will be focused on electrodeposition on thin nanocrystalline films, MEMS fabrication, and fracture processes at the nanoscale. Welcome Kevin!

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