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EcoBlog: We bring outside online.

Field Naturalists and Ecological Planners offer insights on what's flying, hopping, swimming, slithering, hiding, growing, decaying or just sitting there along life's long green path. Here's EcoBlog.

Field Notes Vol. 27 - 2015

Each summer we present insights from life and work outdoors in Field Notes – the proceedings of a year in Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning programs.

Featured in these essays and news items might be intimate encounters with birds in the Maine woods or with orchids in Costa Rica. We report on beavers changing a stream course in Burlington or how smart phones might be changing how we experience nature. Produced entirely by students, Field Notes includes rich illustrations, vivid photography and updates on student projects and other breaking news in our two programs. It is required and informative reading for alumni, prospective students and the general public.

Field Notes Archives:

Volume 28 – 2016
Volume 27 – 2015
Volume 26 – 2014
Volume 25 – 2013
Volume 24 – 2012
Volume 23 – 2011
Volume 22 – 2010

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