University of Vermont


People: Are You One Of Us?

If you would rather crawl through hobblebush than sit in a classroom, you might be a Field Naturalist. If you thrive among people and problems outdoors, you could be one of us. And if you prefer to spend December in the woods of Maine than on the beaches of Miami, you may have what it takes to join us.

Field Naturalists study and solve problems outside. Taken as a whole, we have lived, worked or played on every continent. We are artists, cooks, writers, educators and farmers; field biologists, global conservationists, forest ecologists and social scientists.

Although we travel varied academic and professional terrain, we share a passion for the biosphere – and for solving its riddles and problems.

Read more about our faculty, staff and students. Coming soon to this space will be examples of where our alumni work and succeed.


Last modified November 18 2017 11:05 AM