Treasures and Tales:
Personal Connections to the Lake

What Does Lake Champlain Mean to You?

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TAKE PART: The Fleming Museum invites you to participate in its upcoming exhibition, A Beckoning Country: Art and Objects from the Lake Champlain Valley, which will examine the Champlain Valley landscape through the objects and art created from and inspired by its features. The exhibition is organized around four themes - water, earth, flora and fauna - and will include a wide variety of material such as stone tools, maps, furniture, textiles, and baskets, as well as paintings and drawings from the Fleming Museum, UVM's Special Collections, and public and private collections. Beginning in July, selected objects and stories from members of the community will be displayed throughout the exhibition as well.

TELL YOUR STORY: Help us tell the story of the Champlain Valley by sharing items of personal importance (objects, pictures and mementoes, etc.) that relate to your own experience of Lake Champlain. Describe in 100 words or less what your object means to you and how it reflects your experiences with and feelings about the Lake.

IT'S EASY TO PARTICIPATE Send us a picture of your item, the completed form (online form, pdf download and available at the Museum's reception desk) AND your description by June 1, 2009.

Mail: Fleming Museum, 61 Colchester Avenue, Burlington, VT 05405
Drop off: at the Museum's Reception Desk during regular business hours.