A Beckoning Country: Art and Objects from the Lake Champlain Valley

April 14 - September 20, 2009
East Gallery

In celebration of the quadricentennial anniversary of French explorer and cartographer Samuel de Champlain's travels to the lake that bears his name, the Fleming Museum is organizing A Beckoning Country: Art and Objects from the Lake Champlain Valley. For thousands of years, Lake Champlain has drawn people to its shores and to the land it nourishes. A Beckoning Country examines the features of the Champlain Valley landscape through the objects and art created from and inspired by them.

Organized around a geological and natural history framework -water, earth, flora, and fauna- the exhibition will include both pre- and post-European contact material, such as stone tools, maps, furniture, textiles, and baskets, as well as paintings and drawings that depict and celebrate the region's physical landscape.

Beginning July 7th, selected objects and stories from members of the community will be displayed throughout A Beckoning Country in a special component of the exhibition, titled Treasures and Tales: Personal Connections to the Lake. Help us tell the story of the Champlain Valley by sharing items of personal importance (objects, pictures, mementoes, etc.) that relate to your own experience of the Lake. Learn how to participate here or call 656-0750.

This exhibition has been generously sponsored by the Kalkin Family Exhibitions Endowment Fund, the 1675 Foundation, the Lake Champlain Basin Program, Seven Days, Westport Hospitality, and the University of Vermont's Living/Learning Center and Residential Learning Communities.