Pippo Lionni

January 25 - May 22, 2011
New Media Niche, Fleming Lobby
European and American Gallery

The Fleming Museum is delighted to present work this spring by Paris-based artist Pippo Lionni, in the Museum's New Media Niche, located in the lobby. In a series of animations by the artist from his ongoing body of work, Facts of Life, Lionni combines common signs, symbols, and icons into a visual lexicon that conveys the complexities of human relations, with subtlety and humor. Running continuously will be 7 short video works, including Freneticology, Linerunner, and Lovespace, in which the artist utilizes the figural symbols for man and woman that identify restrooms and other public amenities throughout the world.

On view in the Fleming's European and American Gallery, on the second floor, is a related large-scale print by Lionni entitled Urbanopolis. In it, Lionni presents an expansive human landscape constructed of globally recognized pictograms. It hangs in the Genre section of the gallery, introducing a 21st-century take on the historical category of genre: scenes of everyday life. Together the two installations, video and print, transform a trove of universal visual symbols into vibrant and compelling scenarios.

Curated by Janie Cohen, Director.