EAT: The Social Life of Food

September 17, 2013 - May 18, 2014
Wilbur Room

EAT: The Social Life of Food examines the dynamic relationship between people and food. Curated by the students from the Spring 2013 Honors College course "Introduction to Museum Studies," this exhibit explores the different ways that people interact with food from preparation to eating and beyond. Food provides social and cultural sustenance as well as fuel for the body. A wide -ranging collection of objects from the Fleming Museum collections, from an Ancient Egyptian offering slab to an Andy Warhol photograph, reflect how food shares an intrinsic cultural value which spans cultural, geographical, and temporal boundaries. Within the exhibit, a series of sections explore the varying social niches that food holds, from what happens before eating as food is gathered and prepared, to everyday eating, to how food can transcend into spiritual and expressive aspects of life. EAT looks at food as something that connects humanity, and as a basic element of human life whose social significance is often overlooked. The student curators encourage viewers to question how food has shaped their lives, and the way that social interactions color their experiences of food.