Cuban Artists' Books and Prints: 1985-2008

October 13 - November 25, 2009
Wolcott Gallery

Bringing together handmade books, maquettes for unpublished projects, related prints, and printed objects, this exhibition presents a diverse group of acclaimed artists whose work reflects their experiences of life in Cuba for over two decades. During this time, the artists survived political unrest, difficult living conditions, and resource shortages that limited their access to the most basic materials, including paper.

Select artists in this exhibition designed for Ediciones Vigía, a collaborative artists' press. These young artists and writers took production into their own hands and turned a humble project into an elaborate production of sophisticated books. Remarkable formal invention, poignant poetry, technical mastery of print media, and use of found materials unite these delicate handmade works. They include books by once-censored or controversial national and international authors, as well as children's books and musical compositions. The intense independence of the works reveals the artists' creative resilience and ability to negotiate the political, social, and cultural challenges accompanying their careers over the past two decades.

We are delighted to bring this exhibition, organized by Wake Forest University and the Grolier Club, Manhattan, to the Fleming Museum on the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. This exhibition contains bilingual (Spanish/English) labels.