The Marble Court

Prints, Drawings and Small-Scale Sculpture by Corin Hewitt
September 8 - December 15, 2002
Wilbur Room

This fall the Fleming Museum presents works by Corin Hewitt in the Wilbur Room cases. This group of small-scale sculpture and works on paper was created in conjunction with Hewitt's major public art project, Here's What's Happening in Your Part of the World (As We Speak). Hewitt's public art piece, an eight-foot cast-marble sculpture of retired weatherman Willard Scott, will reside in an unused grain silo in Richmond, Vermont for the coming year.

For many years Willard Scott was the national television weatherman on the influential morning news program The Today Show. Over the course of his career he became an American icon. Hewitt chose his subject in recognition of the position Scott has held in 20th-century American life, and the comfort he brought millions of Americans through his role of predicting the most unpredictable of natural phenomena: the weather.

Before moving to its Richmond location, Hewitt's sculpture first appeared in a 30-foot airshaft of a New York City townhouse. In creating the public sculpture and placing it in both an indoor, urban setting, and an outdoor, rural setting, Hewitt seeks to monumentalize the role of the weather forecaster as the custodian of our daily communal relationship with nature. Hewit sees the American fascination with weather and weathermen as rooted in the collective human desire to make sense of the unforeseeable and uncontrollable actions of the natural world.

Born and raised in Burlington, Corin Hewitt is the son of the late Frank Hewitt, a professor of art at the University of Vermont from 1970 until his death in 1992.

Here's What's Happening in Your Part of the World (As We Speak), an independent public sculpture, will be on view to the public Saturdays and Sundays from 10 - 6, following the September 8 opening. The public sculpture was sponsored in part by the Vermont Department of Agriculture, the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce, and Demag Rigger Crane Service Inc.

Directions to the Richmond site:
From 89 South, take exit 11. Turn left from the exit ramp onto Route 2 West. Drive .5 mile, cross bridge and take second left (.1 mile ) onto Kenyon Road. Follow Kenyon Road (dirt) for 2 miles to Hinesburg Road. Turn left, the wooden silo and barn are immediately on the right. Park in designated area and walk short distance to silo. 13 miles from Burlington.