Native American

Recently reinstalled in the newly renovated James B. Petersen Gallery of Native American Cultures, the Native American collection brings together more than 2000 objects that date from c. 800 CE to the present and represent diverse culture groups from across North and South America. The Museum's holdings include bead- and quillwork from the Ogden B. Read Northern Plains Collection; Southwest ceramics, baskets, and textiles; Northwest Coast masks, carvings, and an exceptional Chilkat blanket; and the "Colchester Jar," a St. Lawrence Iroquoian-style ceramic vessel (c. 1500) that was unearthed in Vermont in the early 19th century.

Cradle board
Nampeyo and Fannie Pollacca
Colchester Jar
ca. 1400-1550 AD
Pair of parfleches
19th c.
Saddle blanket
early 20th c.
19th c.
Two Grey Hills rug
Chilkat blanket
ca. 1908
Thunderbird jar
20th c.
Tonita Martinez and Juan Cruz Roybal
Blackware jar
after 1919