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Welcome to the UVM Field Hockey Club

Welcome to the official home of the University of Vermont Field Hockey Club (UVM FHC). The Club's goal is to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Vermont to practice and play Field Hockey. The club will provide on campus activities as well as intracollegiate competition.

We're putting the team together!

The UVM Field Hockey Club is putting the team together. The below listed people are committed to playing in the spring '03 semester games. Join us, and help get the competitive team going! Obviously we can't make you play but by listing yourself here you are telling everyone that you want to play and you are going to make the effort to help the team get up and playing games. So if you are interested send an e-mail to fldhcky@zoo.uvm.edu and we will add you to the list! Check out who has already signed up at the Roster Page.

We need a logo!

We need a club logo that we can put on T-Shirts and our uniforms. Infact we need a team name too! Send any suggestions to fldhcky@zoo.uvm.edu All suggestions will be posted here and voted on at an upcomming meeting. Somethings to keep in mind as you work. We can not use the name Catamounts, nor the Catamount logo or most UVM logos. We can use the name UVM in conjunction with something else (i.e. UVM Field Hockey Club). Otherwise be creative and send your ideas!

The Club is currently undergoing a change. The leadership and organization of the club is currently being overhauled. If you would like to participate, look out for meeting times, check this site frequently, or e-mail fldhcky@zoo.uvm.edu