University of Vermont


FTC Training Agenda
Friday, August 9, 2013
122 Votey Hall

9:00 AM -Overview, FIRST in Vermont
9:30 AM -Build session: Participants assemble a chassis for a test drive.
10:15 AM -RobotC part1: getting started with motors, servos and basic sensors
11:30 AM -Break
12:15 PM -RobotC part2: user defined functions, multi-tasking, advanced sensors, using libraries
1:00 PM -Final build time
1:30 PM -Mock event: use this past year's game pieces and simulate the competition experience including connecting with Samantha module, running 30 second autonomous, and 2 minute driver controlled
2:00 PM -Brainstorm Nuts and Bolts: based on the build experience, brainstorm resources for parts, suggested tools, supplemental resources, fund raising
2:30 PM -Engineer's Notebook Discussion
3:00 PM -Final Questions, Season preview, plans for future meetings, scrimmages

Here is the official campus Parking Map

Special parking will be available at the Votey lot for the purpose of this workshop.

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