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Our Mission


One of the main goals of the program is to introduce students to Health Professions other than those within their major, and to expand their knowledge of the Health Care System.  Students will learn about various professions through short presentations done by members, as well as guest speakers and field trips set up by the program.


Below are the objectives we have identified, as well as action steps we intend to follow over the next year:



Our Objectives


Learning Objectives 1:

Health care professionals often work closely with others who are outside of their professions.  Members will learn about each others fields, as well as other fields.  (Both Semesters)

Action Steps:


1)      At each meeting, one to two members will make a short presentation about their field of study, preferably on a specific concentration.


2)      Each month, the program will sponsor a guest speaker that will be open to everyone in Living and Learning, as well as the rest of the UVM community.


3)      The program will purchase a number of different Medical Journals.  These journals will be kept for all program members to access,  and utilize in presentations.



Learning Objectives 2:

On important component to the Undergraduate education is the exposure to the diverse health care professions.  This program will help members make connections with professional organizations in their field.  Members will also be given the opportunity to participate in the medical field through volunteer services and other group activities.

          Action Steps:


1)      A list of professional organizations will be compiled by members.  For students who are interested, the program will help fund memberships to some of these organizations.


2)      Members will be asked to complete a certain number of service hours each month.  The service hours should be completed in an area which pertains to the health care field.  At the beginning of the year, we will have Louise Rochleau from Fletcher Allen come and talk about the different volunteering opportunities at the hospital.  We will also keep a book of volunteer opportunities for members to view at their discretion.


3)      Each month, members will participate in a group community service project, designed by the members.



Learning Objective 3:

Program members will help educated middle and high school students about the many academic and professional health career opportunities.

          Action Steps:


1)      Members will compile information about the various health care professions, using medical journals, resources within their department and research at the Dana Medical library. This information will be posted on a website created and maintained by members.  (fall semester)


2)      A presentation will be compiled that will be taken into local schools.  We will also be putting together information packets to hand out to students. 


3)      During admitted student days and orientation, members will be available to talk about the health care field, as well as to provide information about opportunities available on campus.



Learning Objective 4:

The program will be designed to provide a supportive network for students who are currently enrolled in health care programs.

          Action Steps:


1)      Many of the health care majors require similar coursework.  The living environment provided by the program will help students who are taking the same courses to have “study partners”, as well as gaining support from those who have already completed the courses.


2)      Upperclassmen who are currently involved with extracurricular activities in the health care field will be able to provide others with the knowledge of how to become involved.




Community Services


Members will be asked to complete roughly 12 hours of community service per month on their own within the health care field.  The program will also plan and execute a monthly community service project which will count towards those hours.  Hours will be recorded using a community service form to be submitted to the program directors.  These hours will be asked but it will be understood if people are not able to complete these hours each month, due to classes.  We will sponsor a blood drive on campus in conjunction with Emergency medicine and other clubs on campus once a semester.  Other ideas are to hold a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network, do a reverse-trick-or-treating in the children’s hospital, and volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and Lund Center.



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