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Properties of pervious concrete incorporating recycled concrete aggregate

TitleProperties of pervious concrete incorporating recycled concrete aggregate
Publication TypeConference Paper
Conference NameTRB Annual Meeting
Publication Year2012
AuthorsBerry, B, Suozzo, M, Anderson, I, Dewoolkar, MM
AbstractThis work investigated using recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in pervious concrete, 4 specifically the effects on the density, strength and permeability. Cylindrical specimens of 5 pervious concrete with different percentages of RCA and conventional aggregate were cast. The 6 coarse aggregate was substituted by 0, 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100% RCA. As percent RCA 7 increased both compressive strength and permeability generally decreased. The strength and 8 hydraulic characteristics of mixes examined in this study compared generally well with other 9 studies, on pervious concrete without RCA, found in the literature. The results indicate that up to 10 50% substitution of course aggregate can be used in pervious concrete without compromising 11 strength and hydraulic conductivity significantly. Further testing evaluating freeze-thaw 12 durability is necessary if pervious concrete with RCA isto be used in cold weather climates.
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