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Power Profiler from US EPA
(1) Determine how the air emissions impacts and fuel mix of the electricity you use compare to the national average
(2) Determine the specific air emissions impacts associated with your home or business's electricity use

3/31 Story on Air Quality from Channel 5

The greatest contributor to air pollution in the Burlington area is the automobile. Each year, motor vehicles in Vermont emit about 1,000 tons of toxic and carcinogen compounds into the air. Other sources of air pollution in Burlington include smoke from residential wood and trash burning, vapors released during fuel filling, fumes emitted from various cleaners and solvents, and fumes from pesticides.

8/14/02 Ozone article from the Free Press

10 Percent Challenge
From the Alliance for Climate Action: Put the chill on global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by ten percent

Burlington - Haze Cam Pollution Visibility Network

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an air pollutant and what are air quality standards?
What are the major sources of air pollution in and around Burlington?
What pollutants come out of vehicles and what effects does auto pollution have on human health?

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