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From left to right: Peter Andriakos, Tabitha Trahan, Brett Larson, Gwen Williams, Robert Farquhar, Stefan Boas, Chary Scott, Kalev Freeman

Laboratory Research

The long-term objective of my laboratory is to improve clinical outcomes for patients by understanding and targeting cardiovascular complications of trauma. Specifically, my laboratory focuses on the fundamental mechanisms of neurological and cardiovascular injury following the stress of traumatic brain injury. My laboratory has recently established a surgical model of traumatic brain injury and we are using a combination of state-of-the-art approaches from molecular to whole animal levels and clinical translation studies to provide an integrated picture of the physiological responses to acute brain injury.

a. Research in Progress (IACUC approved)

1. Beta-Adrenergic Blockade Prevents Myocardial Oxidative Stress and Neurogenic Cardiomyopathy Following Traumatic Brain Injury (IACUC 08-021)

2. Endothelial Dysfunction of Systemic Resistance Vessels Following Traumatic Brain Injury (IACUC 08-021)

3. Effects of Exercise Training on Outcomes Following Traumatic Brain Injury (IACUC 10-036)

b. Research in Development

MR imaging and neuro-cognitive outcomes in a rodent model of TBI (IACUC 10-036)

c. Research Abstracts

Larson B, Beal A, Ahari A, Russell S, Freeman, K. Beta-adrenergic blockade prevents myocardial oxidative stress due to traumatic brain injury. Annals of Emergency Medicine (2008; 54(3): S142-143. Poster presentation at American College of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly, Boston, MA, October 2008.

Blum J, Freeman K, Dart RC. Inconsistent Conflict of Interest Policies Across Peer-reviewed Biomedical Journals. Annals of Emergency Medicine (2008; 52(4): S82). Poster presentation at American College of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly, Chicago, IL, October 2008.

d. Research Publications

Blum JA, Freeman K, Dart RC, Cooper RJ. Requirements and Definitions in Conflict of Interest Policies of Medical Journals. Journal of the American Medical Association, Nov 25, 2009; 302(20):1-5

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