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The course poses a unique opportunity for students to experience outstanding medical education emphasizing the art of patient care in the emergency department setting. The research objectives of the program benefit the students as well, by enhancing their experience and providing them with exposure to faculty mentorship. By bringing students to the bedside in the setting of trauma and critical care, this program actively encourages the outstanding physicians and nurses in our department to demonstrate the humanistic interaction between clinician and patient in the living classroom of the hospital. Furthermore, by fostering the educational aspects of our department, we have created a more academic, research-oriented atmosphere in our emergency department.

The program is unique because it teaches the practice of medicine with humanism and professionalism to students at an early stage of their career, including the undergraduate premedical and nursing students at our University along with medical students. Our lecture series specifically focuses on the art of patient care, using cases from the emergency department as a framework for discussing the humanistic interaction between clinicians and patients. While not all of the students will go on to be physicians, nearly every one of our undergraduate students aspires to work in the allied health professions. Whether they eventually pursue careers in medicine or as EMTs, athletic trainers, physician assistants, or nurses, the program invests our students with modeling behavior that will help them to develop the humanistic values at the heart of medicine. This educational experience has the potential to influence a large number of UVM students throughout a lifetime of practice.