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  • Cristian Dambros (Graduate Student, Biology): Community ecology email
  • Peter Euclide (Graduate Student, Rubenstein School): Physiological ecology of Mysis diluviana studying differences in metabolic rate between migrated and non-migrated Mysis. email
  • Karl Fetter (Graduate Student, Plant Biology): Ecological genomics of trees, population biology, biogeography of plants. email
  • Jonathan Gonzalez (Graduate Student, Biology): I am an Accelerated Master's Degree student in Dr. Alison Brody's lab. I study plant-microbial interactions; specifically, the influence of mycorrhizal fungi on plant response to stress. Mycorrhizal fungi are soil fungi that colonize plant roots and perform several functions that can benefit plant health in exchange for carbohydrates. The relationship is hypothesized to exist on a mutualism-parasitism continuum. email
  • Peter Isles (Graduate Student, Rubenstein School): Lake phytoplankton ecology and geochemistry email
  • Stephanie Juice (Graduate Student, Rubenstein School): Ecology and biogeochemistry of forests, plant-microbe interactions, global change ecology. email
  • Garrett Meigs (Postdoctoral Researcher, Rubenstein School): forest disturbance ecology; landscape ecology; sustainable forest management; forest health; ecosystem services email
  • Nabil Nasseri (Graduate Student, Biology): Impact of ant-hemipteran mutualisms on host tree quality and arthropod community email
  • Allison Neal (Graduate Student, Biology): Sex ratio evolution in malaria parasites email
  • Amanda Northrop (Graduate Student, Biology): Aquatic ecosystem states, ecosystem tipping points, metaproteomics. email
  • Brian O'Malley (Graduate Student, Rubenstein School): aquatic ecology, zooplankton, Mysis, predator-prey, lakes email
  • Nicholas Reif (Graduate Student, Biology): ecological assembly of understory plant communities email
  • Giovanna Sassi (Graduate Student, Plant Biology): acquisition of meristem function of the LATD/NIP gene in angiosperms email
  • John Stanton-Geddes (Postdoctoral Researcher, Biology): Ecology and evolution of species in changing environments email
  • Jinshun Zhong (Postdoctoral Researcher, Plant Biology): Evolutionary genetics of plant development email

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