Text Box: Local Foods Campaign T-shirt Fundraiser
 CEL's Local Foods Campaign has been in progress for a number of years. We have
been working hard to educate students about local foods and the importance of
supporting local farmers. University Dining Service's has been working on this
as well and we have their support. As a campaign promotional tool and club
fundraiser, CEL is developing local foods t-shirts. The shirts are 100% organic
and sweatshop free, made in L.A.,CA by American Apparel (who has a retail store
downtown). The design for the shirts was done by Andrew Russell, a first year
student and CEL partner. 
To incorporate this campaign into the greater
Burlington area, we got local sponsors with similar goals to financially
support us in our endeavor. These partners include VT Agency of Agriculture,
Burlington Bread, Friends of Burlington, City Market, American Flatbread, Ben
and Jerry's, Red Hen Bakery, WANU, and Catalyst Design. Catalyst Design is also
the silk screening company printing our shirts, located on Kilburn St. in
Burlington. Scotty Taylor, the owner of Catalyst, has been a tremendous help.
We thank all our supporters and look forward to seeing these shirts worn all
over Burlington and beyond.
If you would like to purchase a shirt for $12.00,
please contact Chris Lang, cslang@uvm.edu. 
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