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Environment and Society Final Project

Adriane Dellorco

Terence Crane

Cambria Hamburg

Michael Kenney

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The Consortium for Ecological Living

Brianna Farver, Andrew Hathaway & Rebecca Snow

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Buy Local

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A guide for student organizers

Oxfam, America

July, 2002

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The movement to get local foods into Oberlin College’s Campus Dining Service (CDS) has been gathering momentum over the years.  Beginning in the Fall semester of 1999 as a group project for the Sustainable Agriculture ExCo, four students began work to research the feasibility of getting local foods into CDS.  During the Spring semester, this group has blossomed into a local foods group consisting of ten dedicated members who have been at the forefront of this initiative.  This group will be a chartered organization next year with the name Support Local Organic Produce (SLOP).  For an Environment and Society (ENVS 101) final project, the four writers of this report (some of them already members of the local foods group) have chosen to become involved. The local foods group on campus has already undertaken the initial process to get local foods into CDS.  The primary objective of the writers of this report has been to take the next step and initiate the formation of a local farmers’ co-operative to sell to CDS. Our product is this report documenting the process and our work in realizing this goal.

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