Bioshelter Dome at UVM

(project presented 2004-2005)

What is a Bioshelter?

  A bioshelter is an innovative growing space, which uses sustainable technologies and ecological principles to extend the growing season in a northern climate. By convention it functions via closed loop systems mimicking ecosystem dynamics, where the byproduct of one organism is the energy source for another.

  CEL's goal is to create a miro-scale model of the 21st century Bioshelter that was developed in the Ecological Design Studio, spring 2004.

Progress Report:


 Evaluated Site plan

 UVM Head-house connection

 Interior Layout

 Exterior design

 Function and Aesthetics

 Connection to existing campus layout

 Consideration for future campus build-out

 Ownership options

 Management schemes

Next steps:

 Gather faculty and administrative support

 Refine design details

 Present to Campus Master Planning

  Dr. John Todd and The New Alchemy Institute have donated a 30-foot diameter geodesic dome to be assembled on campus.

  The dome will operate with minimal fossil fuel inputs and will serve as a model for sustainable indoor cultivation techniques in northern climates.

  The dome will also function as a unique on-campus medium for research. It will serve as a model of ecological design, providing a solution to problems associated with current non-sustainable agricultural practices.

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Green Roof

Dome green house

Earth Week 2005
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