Earth Week 2005

April 18-22

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Thanks to: CEL (Consortium for Ecological Living), Forestry club, Outing club,  SFPGJ (Students For Peace and Global Justice), Slade, STAR (Students for True Animal Rights), and VSTEP (Vermont Student Environmental Program), and Eco-Reps.

Page updated 4-18-2005

Text Box: Monday 4-18

	-Sunrise Hike.  Watch the sun rise over Vermont.  Email or stop by the OC house to sign up. {Sponsored by the Outing Club ( }

	-Alternative Teach-In.  Learn something new for a change.  Various classes will be taught throughout the day.  Teachers include Stehanie Kaza, Josh Farley, Micheal Sheridan and more. {Sponsored by Students for Peace and Global Justice (SFPGJ) ( }
			• “Militarism and its Effects on the Environment” by Sasha Davis
				10:00-11:00am Lafayette 411
• “Peace Forests for Social and Ecological Justice” by Michael Sheridan
				11:00-12:00 Lafayette 411
			• “Smart Growth’ Regional Planning” by Austin Troy
				2:00-3:30pm Lafayette 108
• “Social and Ecological Costs of Growth: How the Overdeveloped Countries are Sacrificing their Well-being on the Alter of Market Consumption
				3:30-5:00pm Lafayette 207
• “War Corporate Globalization, and the Environment” by Anne from the Global Justice Ecology Project
				3:30-5:00pm Williams 301

Tuesday 4-19

	-Sugar and Snow.  Come celebrate local flavor of Vermont.  { 10:00am to 3:00pm In front of Bailey Howe}

	-"Conservation vs. Preservation: How much is enough?" A debate between representatives from The Vermont Forest Products Association and The Vermont Wilderness Association.  {Sponsored by the Forestry Club (  3:30 in Aiken 104}

	-Environmental Films (Double Feature). Come for one or both. “Captain Planet” {7:00pm}, “End of Suburbia” {7:30pm}. {Sponsored by Eco-Reps. ( in CC Theatre}

	-Quantum Community. The Quantum Community event crates a community performance through the participation of all who attend. Contact Cami Davis at for more information or if you want a role. Participant practice is at 3:30. {Performance is at 7:00 in Ira Allen}

	-Environmental Justice Open Mic. Take this opportunity to speak your mind or perform. {Sponsored by Students for Peace and Global Justice (SFPGJ). ( 9:00pm at Slade Hall}

Wednesday 4-20

	-Jim Merkel. Author of Radical Simplicity, promotes sustainable lifestyles. Come find out what that means and how he does it. { ( 2:00pm in 119 Aiken}

	-Speaker on Green Roofs, UVM Alumni David Beattie will speak about growing a garden on the roof of a building. {Sponsored by CEL ( 3:00pm in 119 Aiken, Rescheduled }

	-Eco-Fashion Show.  Clothing that’s better for the Earth designed be UVM student Stevia Morton.  Come see how fashionable "Organic" can be.  { (  7:00pm in L/L Fireplace Lounge }

	-Bio-bus Fundraiser. Proceeds from this event will benefit Zach Carson’s Bio-bus tour. Music by Bubblin Upstream {7:00} and The Flo {9:00}. { (  7:00 to 11:00 at Slade Hall, Redstone}

Thursday 4-21

	-Nancy Jack Todd book Signing. Meet the author of Safe and Sustainable World: The Promise of Ecological Design.  {Sponsored by CEL (  4:30 in 104 Aiken}

	-Community Gathering: Earth Mindfulness and Mediation and Candle Light Vigil.  Join us for a reflective evening and campfire. Music and dance to follow.  { (  6:30 - 9:30pm Redstone Green, in front of Southwick}

	-Potluck and Speaker.  Bring a vegetarian/vegan dish to share and listen to Gary Kowalski present on “Animal Rights: A Spiritual amd Moral Issue.” {Sponsored by Students for True Animal Rights (STAR) (  7:00 - 10:00pm Marsh Dining Hall}

Friday 4-22

	-EARTH DAY FAIR!  There will be performances by student groups including: Bubblin Upstream, Bluestreet Band, Urban Flava, and The Normal Combo; arts and crafts sponsored by SEEDS; tabling by different student organizations and NGOs; a visit from the Solar Bus; and a Speak-Out, soap box style.  { ( or  10:00am - 4:00pm Redstone Green} 
	-Mural.  Make your mark on UVM and participate in the Earth Day Community Mural. { (  All day on the L/L Wall}


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Earth Week 2005
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