à Climate Conference: 250 people registered! Get ready for a great weekend…

            - Tabling for CEL at conference?

à Environmental Council Meeting: Brie

            - collaborate with other schools for Earth Week?

            - Eco Reps distributing info for Earth Week…also, we need to communicate     with professors that have classes participating

à Campus Master Planning Meeting: Andrew

            - group siked about CEL’s ideas….they think there’s too much pavement too! Everyone thinking green now….

            - proposing document: Master Plan…shooting for May

            - ‘eco-niches’ on campus…woods surrounding road between MAT/Aiken?      Vines on buildings?

à Local Foods Group

            - met Monday….hosting workshop at conference this weekend!! Yeah!

            - Dining Services Meeting : Feb.25 @ 12-1:30pm Harris Millis

à Green Roof Group  

            - CD catalog for plants…plan to order next week!

            - descriptions of sedums assembled….thanks for homework everyone!

            - lumber/materials from Recycled North and Gregory Supply: Monday?

            - where will boxes be put???

à Website

            - send Evan update/info about different projects

àStudents for Peace and Global Justice: Chris

            - groups will team up for Earth Week….bringing the good energy together!

à Carrie going to Art Club Meeting: will talk about mural, posters, etc.

à DESIGN OF THE WEEK HW: for next meeting….CARRIE!



Get ready to talk about Earth Week next Tuesday…..!