*The CEL meeting was generously hosted by our friends at Slade…dinner was great! Thank you!!!


-Janine Benyus : Wednesday 8pm. Marsh Life Science 235. Do not miss it!!!

-Environmental Council Meeting : Wednesday 1:30-3:30. Waterman 427A.

            à need CEL rep as voting member: Brie will go

-Climate Conference : 18-20th. Housing? Register!

-Master Planning Meeting : Wednesday 9am. 109 S.Prospect St. Rm.7

            àcan anyone go with Andrew?

àneed input for the future of our campus! Commons Project? Are they really planning for McDonalds and Gap? Get involved and make the difference!

-CEL listserv: many want to be on it….list passed around



-we have a $500 budget from Environmental Council grant

-want speakers for Earthweek

-planning a meeting with important spokespeople on campus

 -let’s get a local/organic food venue in the new Commons! Could go through Sodexho to avoid insurance…?

-Brie has many brilliant goals and ideas…but she can’t do it all herself…anyone want to help?



-will be a group research project….a visual demonstration

-4 different models

-will be ready for Earth Day!

-wood from Recycled North….who can go Friday? Saturday? Will plan a trip later this week….

-good job w/homework! Thanks for sedum ideas….



-real planning to begin after conference

-concert at Slade? Reggae….?

-ultimate Frisbee tournament fundraiser? Slade to organize…





àEveryone go to the Waiting Room for a Water Stewards Network fundraiser!


àNext week bring your inspirations for the Design of the Week!