Text Box: Links


· Efficiency Vermont (your resource for energy savings)


· Windstream Power Systems (supplying independent power products)


· VCEG  (Vermont Clean Energy Group)


· VGBN  (Vermont Green Building Network)


· VBSR  (Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibly)


· VSTEP (Vermont Student Environmental Program)


· NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association)


· Ocean Arks International  (John and Nancy Todd’s company)


· Gund Institute for Ecological Economics (at the University of Vermont)


· International Ecological Engineering Society


· The Green Center (Information on The New Alchemy Institute)


· Environmental Studies at Oberlin College


· The Island School


· The Wilder Foundation (next generation permaculture)


· Bullock’s Permaculture Portal


· Project Bona Fide (growing a sustainable future)


· Ecological Design Institute (Van der Ryn architects)


· The Earth Charter Initiative (Values and Principles for a Sustainable Future)


· Arcosanti


· CCEE (Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence)