The Consortium for Ecological Living is dedicated to promoting environmentally
conscious lifestyles by raising awareness about ecological issues and offering
alternatives to the highly consumptive, environmentally detrimental worldview
that dominates our culture today.



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We meet once a week ever Monday at 7:00 pm in the SGA club space (across from the “Candy Counter”)

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The administrators of the CEL at          ecolivng@uvm.edu


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From post Thanksgiving break into spring semester. So keep in touch as updates for each workshop’s dates and location become available.


Spring Seedlings

Getting ready for summer gardens and/or windowsill veggies, CEL is planning  to start seedlings. The idea is to start sometime in March, and have anybody who wants to plant some to keep them. So keep on the horn, and if you want to help out in the event give Ashley Hall an email at AAHALL@BSAD.UVM.EDU


Or send your interest out to the listserve at UVMCEL@list.uvm.edu


Herbal Healing Workshop
Sick of getting sick in the winter?  Come learn some simple and
wholesome techniques to help you stay healthy through not only the cold
season but all year long- including how to make your own tinctures,
salves, and balms!  We'll discuss Superfoods, helpful herbs to know
about, and how lifestyle affects your health.


Contact information: Luella Strattner <luella.strattner@gmail.com>




Greenhouse IPM Workshop

    IMP stands for Integrated Pest Management and is a system of dealing with pests that focuses on biological controls (using good bugs that eat pests) when possible and uses reactive therapies (like spraying horticultural oils or pesticides) only when other methods are not effective in keeping the pest populations to the designated threshold levels.  This system tries to keep the whole system healthy to minimize chemical use, but will use chemicals as a last resort.  Emphasis is placed on good management practices and really knowing your pests.


The iffy schedule: a tour of a greenhouse, or a PowerPoint presentation on a Friday after break or at the beginning of next semester.

Contact information: Colleen or

Tobiah S. Schulman <tschulma@uvm.edu


Socially Responsible Savings Accounts

Is your savings account being invested in ammunitions manufacturing? Or sprawl housing? Or GMO agriculture? Or Wal-Mart? Come learn about Chittenden Bank's socially responsible savings accounts. Their program has invested in VT family farms, local foods cooperative stores, biodiesel entrepreneurs, and affordable housing. A Chittenden Bank representative will give an overview of the program and take questions for those interested in transferring their accounts.

Wednesday, January 25, 7 pm, Waterman 413.

Contact Information: Jack Ellis Parmer <jparmer@uvm.edu>

Related site:https://www.chittenden.com/socially-responsible.html



We are LEAF: Local Environmental Action Forest
A group of students interested in building a circle of trees designed to provide
a quiet space by and for the student body. It will be a non-administrative
opportunity for students to have a voice in the construction occurring on
campus while creating an environment embodying Environmentalism, Peace and
Spirituality. This forest will stand as a reminder to stay globally and
environmentally aware, and will support the UVM community and the community at
large in dicussion and proactive growth regarding these themes.

Jbradeen@uvm.edu for more information.

the LEAF list serve is UVM_PEACE_GROVE if you would like to get the news.

We meet tuesdays at 6 30 in cook commons and are looking for ideas and input!!