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  • Jason StockwellJason Stockwell
    Director of the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory; Associate Professor of Aquatic Ecology in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources | |
    802-656-3009 (campus); 802-859-3095 (laboratory)
    Research interests: My research interests focus broadly on food web dynamics, with specific interests in how animal behavior and environmental conditions affect trophic interactions. I work in systems ranging from small, hyper-eutrophic ponds to large, deep oligotrophic lakes, and on organisms ranging from phytoplankton to apex piscivores. My active areas of research include the influence and impact of diel vertical migration on invertebrate population structure, how cyanobacteria blooms influence energetic pathways, the impact of spatial resource subsidies on winter food web interactions, and the role of environmental disturbance on phytoplankton biodiversity. Learn more details about my current research...
  • Breck BowdenWilliam "Breck" Bowden
    Professor & Patrick Chair of Watershed Science & Planning/ Director of: Water Resources and Lake Studies Center/Lake Champlain Sea Grant/Northeastern States Research Cooperative Theme 1 | |
    Research Interests: My research focuses on interactions between hydrological and biogeochemical processes, especially as these processes are influenced by land use practices and land cover characteristics at catchment scales. I work in two different but related areas. In Vermont, my research focuses on management of stormwater impacts from development on urban streams. In Alaska, my research focuses on understanding climate change impacts on arctic streams. In both areas, my research is designed to improve the uptake and use of science knowledge by resource managers, policy makers, and community stakeholders. Learn more about my current research...
  •  J. Ellen MarsdenEllen Marsden
    Professor; Chair of the Wildlife and fisheries Biology Program in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources |
    Research Interests: Much of my research relates to restoration of coldwater fishes, particularly lake trout and lake whitefish, and biology of exotic species in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. My lake trout research is focused on spawning behavior and early life history, and has recently extended to the introduced population in Yellowstone Lake. I have worked on several projects aimed at developing more effective and ecologically sustainable strategies for sea lamprey control. I am currently working with graduate students on thiamine deficiency in lake trout fry, and on the effects of lake habitat fragmentation on fish movements and genetic sub-structuring of fish populations in Lake Champlain. Learn more about my current research...
  • Jana KraftJana Kraft
    Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science
    Research Interests: Dr. Kraft's research at the interface of animal science and human nutrition integrates ruminant nutrition and utilization of animal models to determine factors influencing the nutritional quality of ruminant-derived fats/fatty acids and their role in prevention and treatment of the metabolic syndrome. The overall objective of Dr. Kraft's research program is to gain a better understanding of how lipids and bioactive fatty acids influence established and emerging risk factors/biomarkers linked to the metabolic syndrome, especially as it relates to the impact of maternal lipid and fatty acid consumption during pregnancy and lactation as a determinant of lifelong well-being and risk of disease development. Another area of her research includes the lipid and fatty acid analysis of numerous matrices such as oils/fats, feed, food items, tissues/organs, blood components (e.g., plasma, erythrocyte membranes), and ruminal/intestinal digesta. Current research efforts focus on the analysis of the trans-fatty acid content and profile of food items in a large scale survey to establish a comprehensive database accessible to academia and industry.
  • Mindy Morales-WilliamsMindy Morales-Williams
    Assistant Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
    Research Interests: Dr. Morales' research program focuses on nutrient flux and energy flow via land-water linkages and addresses the role of anthropogenic disturbance and climate change processes in the formation and maintenance of harmful cyanobacteria blooms.
  • Donna ParrishDonna Parrish
    Research Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources; Unit Leader, Vermont Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
    Research Interests: Restoration of native fishes, sea lamprey control, acoustical sampling, and bioenergetics
  • Andrew SchrothAndrew Schroth
    Research Assistant Professor in Geology; Research on Adaptation to Climate Change (RACC) - Lake Processes Group Team Leader; Lead Scientist for Vermont-Northeastern Water Resources Network (NEWRNet)
    Research Interests: I am a low temperature geochemist with interdisciplinary research interests spanning the crossroads of geology, chemistry, biology and hydrology. My research has focused on understanding the evolution of biogeochemical systems in New England, New York, Montana, and Alaska in the broad context of environmental change. The overarching aim of my research is to describe geochemical processes occurring at the earth’s surface with a general focus on nutrient and pollutant mobility and cycling on present day to glacial/interglacial timescales. Specifically, my goal is to understand how biogeochemical systems are affected by global or regional environmental change such as acid and metal pollution, deglaciation, shifting tree species distribution, evolving atmospheric composition, land use modification and changes in climate patterns. Locally, I am currently leading 2 large-scale NSF-funded efforts that seek to understand the drivers of water quality and ecosystem health in Lake Champlain (RACC-Q1) and its watershed (NEWRNet) in the context climate and land use change. I also have an active research focus studying the role of glaciers in delivery of the micronutrient iron (and other trace metals) to the Gulf of Alaska. More information on my research interests...
  • Clayton WilliamsClayton Williams
    Research Assistant Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
    Research Interests: Dr. Williams focuses on how the interactions between humans, land, and water shape the utility and health of our freshwaters. His research explores how agriculture, urbanization, and management practices alter the “microbial ooze” of water. This ooze is partly a form of dissolved organic matter (DOM) that is visible as tea-colored water. Climate change, human activities, and land use change alter the amount and composition of dissolved organic matter, which is changing basal carbon resources in aquatic ecosystems. In other words, humans have altered the taste, flavor, strength, and blend of tea found in streams, rivers, and lakes. Dr. Williams is working towards determining how these changes in the dissolved organic matter impact the function of aquatic ecosystems, contaminant biomagnification through aquatic ecosystems, and the quality of our drinking water supply.


  • Jessica GriffinJessica Griffin
    Research Technician working with Dr. Ellen Marsden
    Research Interests: Acoustic telemetry to track the movements of lake trout and walleye in Lake Champlain.
  • Frances IannucciFrances Iannucci
    Research Technician and Data Specialist
    Research Interests: Frances was a summer intern with the Research on Adaptation to Climate Change project in 2012. She conducted research on the world’s largest salmonid, taimen (Hucho taimen), in Mongolia and developed a research project to examine the impacts of cyanobacteria blooms on fish metabolism.
    Learn more
  • Brad RoyBrad Roy
    Melosira Deckhand
    Research Interests: Outmigration of transformer stage sea lamprey into Lake Champlain and Shelburne Pond limnology

Former Postdoctoral Associates

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  • DongJoo JoungDongJoo Joung
    Former Postdoctoral Research Associate, Vermont EPSCoR
    Research Interests:Aquatic biogeochemistry of nutrients, trace elements and carbon. My primary focus of research is to understand the behavior of those chemicals in various environments (eutrophic lake, estuary, and open ocean) as well as in relation to climate changes. Also, I study environmental pollution (e.g., oil spill) dealing with heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
  • Emily NodineEmily Nodine
    Former Postdoctoral Research Associate, Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory
    Research Interests: Impacts of storm disturbances on phytoplankton community dynamics. More broadly, links between climate and the biosphere, and the temporal and spatial scales of change in aquatic and coastal ecosystems.
  • Yaoyang XuYaoyang Xu
    Former Postdoctoral Research Associate, Vermont EPSCoR
    Research Interests: Application and potential integration of several theories in meta-modeling and data analysis (e.g., law of the minimum; principles of population growth; ecological synchrony concept; metabolic theory of biodiversity; environmental noise color; ecological signal resonance). Eutrophication and ecosystem management under changing climate, and understanding the complex relationships between the aquatic environment (water temperature, water clarity and macro-nutrients) and organisms (phytoplankton, zooplankton and macroinvertebrate).
  • Courtney GilesCourtney D. Giles
    Former Postdoctoral Associate, Vermont EPSCoR
    Research Interests: Phosphorus biogeochemistry; relative contribution of internal and external sources of phosphorus to Lake Champlain and the influence of these loads on lake eutrophication
  • Michael FlinnMichael Flinn
    Former Postdoctoral Associate with Breck Bowden
    Research Interests: Invertebrate community structure in streams and lakes in the Arctic National Parks; big river ecology
  • Aude LochetAude Lochet
    Former Postdoctoral Associate with Ellen Marsden
    Research Interests: Microchemical analysis of sea lamprey statoliths, focused on identification of natal streams of parasitic lamprey

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