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noun \ˈrō-iŋ\ : the sport of racing in long, narrow boats that are moved by using oars.

It's amazing how Merriam Webster's Dictionary can make such a beautiful and painful sport sound so simple. As if the technique involved in keeping a shell as long as a school bus and maybe two feet wide at it's widest balanced isn't the most dificult thing ever. The precision required in the sport is incredible. 8 strong bodies moving in perfect synchronization, putting the blades of their oars in the water at the exact same time, pulling back on the oars with all their might at the same time, and feathering the blade out of the water at the same time. The SAME TIME as 7 OTHER PEOPLE. It's incredible. Being a part of it is even more incredible which is why I have created this site for the enjoyment of rowers and non-rowers alike to be able to explore the sport of rowing as seen through my eyes. Enjoy!