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After about a decade's time, I am proud to announce the completion of my student quest.  On Sunday, May 19th, 2002 I graduated with a BA, cum laude from the University of Vermont. To make the ending even more exciting I received the Bogorad Outstanding Senior English Major award and graduated with Departmental Honors.  Thanks to all my family, friends, co-workers, fellow students and most certainly faculty members for their support over the long haul!

ne of my many personae is an English major and Women's Studies Minor at the University of Vermont. 
My main interest is Gothic Literature and in particular Stephen King. I had the distinct pleasure of serving as a teaching assistant for Tony Magistrale's course "The Films and Novels of Stephen King" in the summer of 1999. You can check out the syllabus from his webpage if you are interested. When Stephen King came to UVM I participated in the seminar class that hosted his visit. It was a wonderful experience to meet one of my favorite authors and get his perspective on his writing. Check out the pictures . As a result of one of my lectures in the Films and Novel class I was invited to Mill River High School in December 1999. The lecture was a brief history of The Women's Rights Movement in the US. It seems women are still being erased from history classes in Vermont high schools.
Here are some organizations that I'm involved with at UVM: