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To see high quality inclusive early childhood education and special education in practice watch this Seven Days video of Trinity Children's Center. Trinity is one of our most popular placement sites for undergraduate and graduate scholars in the Early Childhood Special Education Program at UVM. Notice Shannon Davis, a recent graduate from our masters program!


What are students saying about the Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Preparation Programs at UVM?

  • “I love the size of all of my classes in the Early Childhood Special Education Program. There is always an active and inviting discussion lead by teachers who are all passionate about the subject they are teaching. Everyone sitting in the room truly wants to be there, and all have valuable things to say.”
    Brooke Shaffer

  • “My advisor and professors in this program are strong and have a great understanding of the many ways there are to teach a child and set up a classroom.”
    Alissa Carberry

  • “I am really happy with the immediate classroom experience. Working with young children is something I really appreciate having the ability to do!”
    Karlye Wallace

  • "You are not just a face in the crowd, teachers take the time to get to know their students and become invested in helping them reach their goals."
    Liz Clavelle

  • "The experience of doing research with my advisor, peers and members of the Burlington community allowed me to learn about real issues in education and bring attention to problems that families, educators and children are facing."
    Rachel Warren

  • "The Early Childhood Special Education program at UVM has opened up a whole new world to me; one that I can't imagine not being a part of now that I am. After it changed my life, it made it possible for me to help change the lives of families and children. I am now entering the field as a recent graduate and feel incredibly prepared to meet the challenges and joys that are ahead of me."
    Anneke VanFossen

  • "The University of Vermont's graduate program in early childhood special education has offered intellectually stimulating classes and research opportunities that are at the forefront of the early childhood special education field while being flexible enough to fit into the busy schedule of a working parent of a child with a severe disability."
    Dave Clark

  • “After researching Colleges and Universities throughout the United States, I settled on the University of Vermont's Early Childhood Special Education Program as the best I could find in the U.S. As a parent of a child with special needs; Down syndrome, I could not have found a better, more proficient program to not only give myself the training and expertise to help my son, but all children with varying disabilities and socio-economic and cultural differences in our educational system. I have never made a better choice for myself and my son in my life!”
    Kimberly Moore

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