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Is UVM's Middle Level Education Graduate Program for you?

So you’re out of college, maybe even for a long time now, and you’re thinking about teaching. Perhaps you considered it in college but someone discouraged you from pursuing it. Perhaps it never occurred to you before but now you’re coaching the swim team, serving as a camp counselor, or assisting at a local school. Whether you’ve been thinking about it for years or you’ve just realized it, something inside you is saying, “Hey, these kids are fun. Teaching might just be for me.” If any of that strikes a chord with you, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We’re happy to talk with you about what it’s like to be a middle grades teacher, what our program entails, and how it might fit into your lifestyle at this time.

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Why is everyone talking about UVM's Middle Level Program?

The following hallmarks distinguish our nationally recognized graduate program from many others:

Full Year Internships

We believe learning happens best when it’s experiential. That’s why our program places you in a middle school working with kids from day one. Your internship lasts for the whole year and is directly connected to your on-campus coursework. Learn about theory, research, and strategy on campus one day; try out what you’ve learned at the school the next.

Small Cohort Model

Learning also requires dialogue and support. Each year we select a small group of applicants for the program. This cohort of graduate students goes through the sequence of courses together and is placed together at internship sites as well. The support and dynamics of the cohort are an essential part of the graduate school experience.

Small Classes and Interactive Pedagogy

The small cohort size also results in seminar style classes. We believe in modeling the type of learning opportunities that we hope you will then use with your middle grades students. As a result, you won’t find yourself listening to lectures. Instead, you can expect to participate in collaborative learning, hands-on tasks, and active learning.

International Study

We also believe we have much to learn from our international colleagues. Our formal partnership with New Zealand educators allows us to offer an optional two-week study abroad experience for graduate students, who visit New Zealand to examine teaching and learning in primary, intermediate and secondary schools on the other side of the globe.

Internationally Renowned Faculty and Opportunities for Research

Your professors have extensive experience in middle level education, both in research and in practice. They’ve all been middle grades teachers themselves and they now conduct fascinating research, which regularly receives national and international attention. (And what’s more, they’re really fun.) There are always opportunities to get involved in research. Interested in early adolescence? Brain development? Literacy? Educational technology? Click here to learn more about the faculty and some of the cool research you could join.

Full Time, One-Year Program (with Part Time Option)

We know that making a career change is a big step. Our full time program offers you the chance to complete the licensure requirements in just one academic year. Start the program one August, be a licensed teacher with your own classroom (and salary) the next. Of course we also know that full time study isn’t ideal for everyone. That’s why we also offer a part-time, two-year sequence.


student quoteDon't take our word for it! Meet our students.

High Job Placement Rate

We also know that making a career change is a big risk. Although we can’t guarantee you a job upon completion of the program, we are proud that we’ve averaged over a 90% job placement rate over the past 8 years. We attribute this impressive statistic both to the high quality of our program and to the high quality of candidates whom we are fortunate to accept.

Multiple Endorsement Option

One thing that contributes to that high job placement rate is our multiple endorsement option. As part of the application process, we determine which content areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, English) you would eligible to teach. We also coach you to add one or two additional areas if you’re close to having the prerequisites fulfilled. That way, you exit our program highly marketable and ready to be hired in more than one content area.

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