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Is UVM's Elementary Education Undergraduate Program for you?

Throughout your professional preparation, you will have the opportunity to link theory with practice while participating in clinical experiences at our partner schools.

Why is everyone talking about UVM's Elementary Education Program?

The following hallmarks distinguish our nationally recognized undergraduate program from many others:

Special Education Minor and Dual Endorsement Option

Candidates in our program have the opportunity to work with special education faculty in order to gain a deeper understanding of special education policies, and appropriate strategies for working with all students with various learning styles and challenges.

  • Candidates may pursue a special education minor or a dual endorsement. The dual endorsement offers candidates the opportunity to earn both an elementary education and special education license.

A quote from one of our students:

  • "I think it’s really important from my perspective to be certified in both, because I think there’s more of an ownership of all of the kids in the class. In order for special education students to be full members of the classroom, the teacher has to be really well prepared to work with them, and dual certification makes that possible."

International Semester Study in Auckland, New Zealand

Candidates in our program have the opportunity to study in Auckland, New Zealand for a semester where they will take methods courses in Social Studies, Science, Literacy or Math.

Quotes from our students who have studied abroad in New Zealand:

  • “This experience was truly life-changing. The people I met, the places I saw, and the things I learned have changed me into a different person. I could write a novel about my experiences, and the many things that I learned, but what I would say about the experience to other people is do it. Get out there, enjoy every second of it!” ~ Lizzy Abbleby
  • "Teaching in New Zealand was such an enriching experience. I learned so much about the differences in our ways of schooling, and I took back so much knowledge to introduce in classrooms in the U.S." ~ Deanna Rodolfy
  • "New Zealand was one of the most amazing places I have ever been. From the landscape to the people, I have never been anywhere like it."
  • “Traveling to New Zealand was a great opportunity to see the world and an even better opportunity to see how another culture teaches children. My semester abroad was the best one of my college career because of how much I learned about myself and others through traveling.” ~ Michele Russell

Multiple and Varied Field Experiences

We believe learning happens best students have the opportunity to connect theory and practice. That’s why we place you into a local elementary school working with students in a variety of settings and grade levels. Internships in our program happen early and often. They are always directly connected to your on-campus coursework. These experiences are scaffolded in a way that allows you to gradually take on more responsibility and prepare you for the full time student internship in your final year.

Personal Advising

Our students are supported by faculty advisors throughout their four years in the elementary education program. Advisors meet with their assigned students prior to registration and are available for program planning and other issues. They are all faculty in our program. The relationship between you and your advisor is an important component of your success.

Interactive Classes

Your professional coursework will consist of many seminar classes where you will work with your cohort to create authentic learning experiences for elementary students. You will be able to participate in collaborative learning, authentic planning and many projects that will result in a deeper understanding of pedagogy, lesson/unit planning and assessment.

Internationally Renowned Faculty and Opportunities for Research

Your professors have extensive experience in elementary education, both in research and in practice. Click here to find out more about the program faculty and the work they do.


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