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Frequently Asked Questions : PreK-3 Program



Are there opportunities to study abroad?

Yes, students in the Early Childhood PreK-3 Program can study abroad virtually anywhere in the world in fulfillment of their general education requirements.

Where can I teach?

The Early Childhood PreK-3 Program leads to a recommendation for teacher licensure in the State of Vermont. However, since UVM has a reciprocal licensure agreement with most other states and since UVM is a nationally accredited teacher education college, graduates of the PreK-3 Program can – and do – teach in any state, both at the early childhood and the primary grade level.

What else can I do besides teach with this degree?

Because there is such a heavy emphasis on child development in the Early Childhood PreK-3 Program, it serves as an excellent foundation for many types of work with young children and their families, both in and out of the classroom. Graduates of the PreK-3 Program work with children in hospitals, work in children’s museums, provide family services, develop curriculum, work as a children’s advocate, and are involved in government work related to young children and their families. Some of these roles involve additional education but in all cases, the PreK-3 Program provides an excellent foundation on which to build a career.

How hard is it to find a job?

Currently there is a great need and demand for highly qualified, licensed early childhood educators. Our graduates have a very high success rate of finding jobs in a diverse range of educational settings, although job opportunities differ (particularly in public school primary grades) across locations and regions of the country. The job market for early educators is expanding significantly as more and more states add early childhood programs as part of the public school system.

How soon will I be able to work with children?

Students begin to work directly with children in our lab school, Campus Children’s School (infants through 5 years), during their freshman year. There are 2 practica (infant, toddler or preschool, and kindergarten-3rd grade) and 2 full-time student teaching experiences (infant, toddler or preschool, and kindergarten-3rd grade) throughout our undergraduate program. Students are placed at the Campus Children’s School, other area early childhood programs, including Head Start & other community based programs, and area public schools.

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