Current News

Kristin Williamís M.S. Thesis research featured in EcoNews VT† at University of Vermont, 5/3/17

Interviewed about Universal Recycling Act, Lowell Graded School Compost Project 11/21/2016 on 'Across the Fence'

Anya Cutlerís M.S. Thesis abstract published in Biocycle (November 2016), Burlington, Vermont: Fate of E. Coli In Compost Amended Soils.

Deborah Neher Career Award presented to Deborah Neher for outstanding service to the field of soil ecology from The ESA Soil Ecology Section, 2015.

Career story in Cultures magazine, published by American Society for Microbiology, Vol. 2 Issue 2, 2015.

Hot Stuff: Compost for management of plant pathogens and weeds, Northeast Sustainable Agriculture and Research† and Education newsletter, February 2, 2015.

Survival of E. coli in raw manure, data for Food Safety Modernization Act, November 2014, Burlington Free Press, UVM Communications

CompostóA Hot Mess, October 2014, Northern Woodlands,† Burlington Free Press

Space is Not the Final Frontier, November 2009, Neher wins the UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Vogelmann Research Award

Life in ĎThe Poor Manís Rainforestí, Vermont Quarterly, Summer 2009

The State of the Nation's Ecosystems, THE H. JOHN HEINZ III CENTER FOR SCIENCE, ECONOMICS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Deborah Neher served as 1 of 12 members on the Farmlands Work Group. She authored the Biological Communities indicator for Farmlands. It was based on much of her research on statistical properties, reliability and sampling issues in the early 1990's that allowed this indicator to be chosen.