University of Vermont

Dewey House for Community Engagement

"I love the Dewey House because..."

"When I first came to UVM I was most nervous about fitting into a community as unknown and large as this, but I can say that the members of the Dewey House became my first support system. And through that system I have made an impact on not only UVM but the Burlington area while having a good time and meeting many people.
John Black

“I learned the importance of communication and reliability in building strong community relationships. When I helped coordinate a Localvore dinner, it became really obvious to me that there are endless possibilities when you collaborate with others.”


"Building community around events like Relay For Life or removing graffiti has been educational and fun, and working with Deweys has made it even better. The Dewey House has taught me valuable skills that will help me to be successful throughout college and beyond."
Paul Wright

"If I hadn't lived in the Dewey House I would never have had the chance to meet Frank [one of our community partners]; the stories that he told us of his life and how John Dewey, our namesake, impacted his life really gave meaning to what I do in the Dewey House.  Meeting and working with people like Frank, people who know and have experienced so much, is one of the reasons why living in the Dewey House is so much fun; you will remember them for the rest of your life."
Sam Porter



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