University of Vermont

Dewey House for Community Engagement

"I love the Dewey House because..."

PP Group Stories

“The Dewey House has allowed me to make life-long friends who also care about getting involved and working towards social justice.I have broadened my perspective, learned a TON, and made some of my best friends”

Jessica Cohen- Student Program Director 13-14


" Dewey helped me realize that as I enter the workforce I want to be continuously be aware of issues of social justice and intentionally build relationships. It has been an instrumental part of my personal journey and given me the tools to purse my dreams. I am so incredibly thankful for all that I learned and the relationships I built within these four walls"


Carlisle Jensen


Grad Stories
Boys Stories
"I love the Dewey House because of the personal connections it creates between students, faculty, and the community. It is a place where I can go I know that my voice is being heard and my opinions are being valued."
Cicely Mackenzie-Baker- Student Program Director 2015-2016

Group stories
"The Dewey house kick-started my college career, it helped me become an active member of the UVM and Burlington community. Without it I would have never found my place at UVM."
Jordan Mascitti



NEDA Stories
"Through Dewey I gained leadership skills and a better understanding on how attainable it is to become leader

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