University of Vermont

Dewey House for Community Engagement

Live: The Dewey Experience

Harris Hall

Up to sixty students passionate about community and civic engagement live together on the first floor of Harris Hall. Check out the ResLife website for more information about the rooms in this traditional hall. See it here!

Winter Welcome

The Dewey Space

As a Dewey House member, you get full access to the newly renovated Dewey Space: a comfortable living room for hanging out, a conference room with tables and chairs ideal for studying, and the offices of the Faculty Director, Program Coordinator, and Graduate Teaching Assistant where you can make connections. It feels like home!

Leadership Opportunities


If you're interested in taking on leadership positions within the community, in addition to Dewey Squad Work Study and Residence Assistant positions there's also the second-year Student Program Director (PD). The PD hosts at least two monthly social, educational, and service events. Current and past Deweys residents take part in these programs, so you get to meet people who aren't living on the hall, too.

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