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Dewey House for Community Engagement

Who we are!

The Dewey House for Community Engagement is made up of a diverse collection of students spanning from first years to seniors. Deweys work with over 30 community partners in the Burlington area and make positive contributions to the community through actions of civic engagement.

Continue reading to learn more about some of our students and thier experiences as members of the Dewey House.

  • Alyssa"The Dewey House (for Community Engagement) community constantly inspired me to be a better change maker,” states Alyssa Solomon, co-founder of Old Sol Music Hall Productions and a 2015 UVM graduate. Continue Reading >>
  • Finn"Before Finn even stepped on UVM’s campus as a freshman, he knew he wanted to be a part of the Dewey House for Community Engagement. While visiting the school, he was able to talk to current members, and what they said fascinated him. He saw it as a great opportunity to create a bond with other people who share a similar interest: helping people." Continue Reading >>
  • description of image"After receiving a slew of flyers and being inundated with e-mails Amanda, a native of Winooski, Vermont, opted to attend an information session about the Dewey House program. That was all it took, she explains, to fall in love with the program’s commitment to community service and civic engagement." Continue Reading >>
  • description of image"For Hannah Kearns, class of 2017, the choice to be a part of the Dewey House for Community Engagement was easy. “It was really neat to have a community already formed for me with people who had like-minded interests, but yet are all so different,” she explains." Continue Reading >>
  • description of image "Prior to his arrival, the Pittsford, New York native, researched ways to get involved with community service on campus and found The Dewey House for Community Engagement. Instantly, he knew it would be a perfect fit.No matter where his career path took him, he reasoned, he wanted to “intertwine service into my everyday habits, regardless of where I land.”Continue Reading >>



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