University of Vermont

  • The Dewey Experience:

    "The Dewey House has helped me become an independent person able to speak my mind and state up for causes which I keep close to my heart.”

  • The Dewey Experience

    “The Dewey House has had such a positive impact on my life, and has made me feel at home here at UVM. I have been very inspired by the people I have met "

  • The Dewey Experience:

    “I really loved the seminar meetings as well as living in a smaller, tight-knit community with a single goal within a larger community. I also love the friends that I have made through living in the Dewey House.”

  • Are you a Dewey?

    “ Connect with your UVM and Burlington communities! Make Dewey House your home and live with passionate people who make positive social change through service, learning, and leadership.”

Dewey House for Community Engagement

The Dewey House is a residential learning community on the first floor of Davis Hall where students have the opportunity to create socially just change through service, learning, and leadership.


...on the first floor of Davis Hall with fellow students who are passionate about making a difference! Enjoy access to the Dewey Space and attend programs hosted by the Dewey Staff

Serve our communities! Trail repair, mentoring, eliminating bullying, or fighting hunger - these are just a few examples of the ways you can choose how to make a positive impact.


...about your strengths, get tools for creating social change, and take the lead on group and individual community projects in inspiring 1-credit service-learning seminars with support from dedicated faculty and staff!

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