I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Vermont and have been here since January of 1998. My background training is in the area of theoretical and experimental fluid dynamics, and my doctoral degree is in mechanical engineering from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

My research interests deal with the physics of complex flows on the  micro/nano-scales and I approach these problems using a combination of theory, computation and experiment. Current research projects involve: (1) micro-scale monopropellant propulsion for next-generation “nanosats”; (2) multi-fluid flow configurations and reactive/non-reactive mixing in microchannels; and (3) stability characteristics of weakly rarefied gas flows. Support for these studies come from the U.S. Air force, the National Science Foundation and NASA.

I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, most of which deal with fluid dynamics, numerical simulations, and applied mathematics.

Contact:  802.656.1940  or   darren.hitt@uvm.edumailto:darren.hitt@uvm.edushapeimage_5_link_0