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Operations & Events Services

The Dudley H. Davis Center 
is unique because it provides a range of venues for any event. From intimate receptions to large-scale performances, there's a space for your event here.

Are you a UVM student group, department or affiliate? Get the word out about your organization through Davis Center information outlets. Outside groups, please call Davis Center Operations & Event Services about marketing opportunities in the building (802) 656-1204.

Flat screen T.V.s

Eight of them! Spread throughout the building. Interested in providing content? Find out how.


Policy: At this time, only UVM affiliates (e.g. clubs and departments) are eligible to submit flat screen content.

To send us flat screen content simply e-mail your content to with the attached file or a link to the file. Please be sure to include the dates from which you would prefer your flyer to run. We can only accept the following file types are for rotation on the Davis Center Flat screens: JPG, pdf, ppt (Power Point), doc (Microsoft Word), swf, and video files. For Davis Center flatscreen guidelines and ad space templates, please view our flatscreen guideline page.

Bulletin boards

Lots of these, too...we have public bulletin boards on the 1st and 3rd floors. Please use the tacks provided (no staples). NOTE: Bulletin boards are cleared every Sunday - flyers are collected, brought to print and mail and recycled into Eco Notepads (look for these at the info desk). More Information)

Bulletin Boards:

Policy: Bulletin Boards will be completely cleared EVERY SUNDAY.
  1. Postering is prohibited from non-Bulletin board spaces and will be cleared from the area immediately (i.e. on walls, doors, bathroom mirrors). Groups who do not adhere to this policy will be contacted directly.
  2. The Davis Center reserves the right to clear any poster at any time.
* - Policies subject to change


Located around the perimeter of the atrium, these first–come, first–serve banner locations are a popular way to publicize events. Contact Davis Center Operastions & Event Services (e–mail:; call: (802) 656-1204) and we'll walk you through the steps. (More Information)


Spaces must be reserved in advance by calling the Davis Center Operations & Event Services ((802) 656-1204)

Policy: Banners must not exceed the dimensions 4' h x 6' w and should be delivered to the Davis Center Operations and Event Services. DC staff members will hang your banner for you.

Banner making materials (paper & paint) are available free of charge to UVM affiliates (you will receive more information when you make your reservation).

Vendor tables

Vendor tables are reservable through through UVM's Virtual Events Managment System (EMS). Please call Davis Center Operations & Event Services, (802) 656-1204 with any questions about tabling in the DC.

Display Cases

We have display cases available each month for UVM affiliates. Call the Department of Student Life at (802) 656-2060 or e-mail: for display case reservations. We recommend calling at least one month in advance.


Have a stack of information that you would like to distribute? (More Information)


Handouts can be left at the 3rd floor information desk. Due to limited space, only Davis Center and UVM-related information will appear on the tabletop directly in front of the Hoffman Information and Resource Center on the 1st floor.

  • External groups: please place your fliers in the information center by the Chittenden Bank ATM on the third floor.

  • Newspapers: Contact the Marketing Coordinator for more details ((802) 656-2060).

Standing Signs

Call Davis Center Operations & Event Services at 656–1204 for details on these day-of event signs.

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