Gundelach Tube 2
 Made by Emil Gundelach probably between 1898 - 1903,  this ion x-ray tube tube requires a low pressure of residual gas  to produce x-rays and is sensitive to pressure variations inside the tube. This is a medium voltage dc x-ray tube.  The tube measures 12" long and is 5" in diameter at its largest point. The cathode is at the bottom, the anode is at the top, and the anticathode is inbetween at an angle of 45 degrees. If the tube stopped working due to low gas pressure, the osmo regeneration mechanism was used to add a small amount of hydrogen gas to the tube by diffusion through a hollow palladium  needle that was closed at one end.
Why three electrodes?
The Gundelach symbol, a capital "G" with a scale in the middle.


"D.R.P. No 103108"  German patent #103108 was issued late in 1898.

The department inventory number D127E


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