9" Clark Refractor
This  9" refracting telescope was manufactured by Alvan Clark and Sons, Inc., of Cambridge, Mass. The objective is an air spaced doublet. The approximate weight is 1100 pounds. The original owner was Edward Curtis Smith of St. Albans, Vermont. Smith was the owner of the Vermont Central Railroad, and Governor of  Vermont from 1898 - 1900. The telescope was given to the University of Vermont in 1939 and has never been used by the university. From 1974 - 1898 it was loaned to the Vermont Astronomical Society, where it was used in two locations, one in Underhill Vt. and the other in Williston, Vt.
  The tube, which is 93 - 1/2" long and consists of 3 sections, is made of iron and the finder, focusing tube, and the name plate into which it is  threaded are of brass. An electric "field illuminator" is mounted midway down the tube.
  The pier stands  7' - 9" tall and houses the weight driven clock drive.
  Also still with the telescope is the eyepiece box with an assortment of  eyepieces and accessories.

  Much of the history surrounding the telescope was gathered by Don Manley.  The telescope is on display in the physics department.

The brass tailpiece faceplate engraved with the company name, place of manufacture, and date.

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