The Catholic Student Association

The Catholic Student Association


November 1, 2005



Article One: Purpose

            The purpose of the Catholic Student Association (CSA) is to assist members in the practice of their Faith and to encourage them to take an active part in living their faith.  The CSA provides opportunities for all members to enrich their lives through spiritual and educational events, social activities, community building and service projects. 

Article Two: Membership

            Any student enrolled at the University of Vermont who has paid the University Student Activities fee may become a member of the CSA.  Membership shall not be denied because of race, sex, color, creed or sexual preference. 


Article Three: Governance

            Executive Committee

            The CSA shall be governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, non-voting faculty advisor(s), and a non-voting chaplain.  Executives are drawn from the general membership and have expressed a willingness to serve on the Committee.  All members of the CSA  are eligible to serve on the committee.  All officers are entitled to one vote

            The primary functions of the committee are 1:  to oversee the orderly governance of the association, 2: to discuss and respond to the concerns of the membership

It is not the responsibility or duty of any member of the Executive committee to represent publicly the Association without the expressed approval of the entire Executive Committee.


            Normally, elections of a Chair, Vice Chair, a Treasurer, and a Secretary will be held in April of each year.  Officers are elected for a term of one year.


Duties of Officers

            The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Association and carry out the duties deemed appropriate to the office, including, but not limited to those listed in the by-laws of the Association.

            The Vice Chair shall perform the duties deemed appropriate to the office, including, but not limited to those listed in the by-laws, as well as those of the Chair in his/her absence. 

            The Treasurer shall receive, hold, disperse, and account for all funds of the CSA in accordance with the directives of the Executive Committee.  It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to coordinate all financial matters of the CSA as listed in the by-laws.

            The Secretary, when in attendance at an Association meeting, shall keep a record of all business, including but not limited to the minutes of the meeting.  The Secretary will in general be responsible for communication as well as,  but not limited to, those responsibilities listed in the by-laws.  Just in case of the absence of the secretary, any member in attendance can be appointed by the Executive Committee to fulfill the responsibilities of the secretary at that meeting.

The Faculty Advisor(s) is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and carries out the obligations of an advisor in accordance with the policies of the Student Government Association.  Part of the Advisorís responsibility is to function as a liaison between to University and the Executive Committee and membership, as well as, but not limited to, those responsibilities listed in the by-laws.  The Faculty Advisor may not speak publicly for the Association nor any of its members without the complete assent of the Executive Committee. 

            The Chaplain to the Catholic Student Association must be an ordained Catholic Priest.  It is his responsibility to advise the CSA all matters related to the mission of the Catholic Church and the mission of the CSA as stated in Article One.  The Chaplain is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. 


            Committees consist of three or more members of the Association and are established by the Executive Committee when deemed appropriate.   Only CSA members are eligible to serve on Committees.  Each committee and their tasks shall be overseen by a member appointed by the executive committee. 

            When a Committee is no longer deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee declares the Committee dissolved.


            This Constitution and/or the By-Laws may be amended, repealed, or revised in whole or in part, by a vote taken at a formal meeting of the CSA and by the consent of the Executive Committee. 

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